The Initiative for Responsible Investment (IRI) at the Hauser Center for Nonprofit Organizations promotes the development of the theory and practice of responsible investment through research, dialogue, and action. The IRI works across asset classes to build communities of practice around innovative responsible investment strategies and catalyze new opportunities and concepts in responsible investment.

katie feb 2013 smallIn cities across America, philanthropy, civic institutions, businesses and local government are coming together to figure out how to best leverage their resources and capacity to address important community issues like poverty, unemployment, blighted neighborhoods, health, and safety. This place-based practice is increasingly finding its way into projects like Living Cities’ Integration Initiative and HUD’s Sustainable Communities Initiative, where multistakeholder engagement is a requirement for participation.

City governments in particular have started to work on ways to institutionalize engagement with local philanthropy. The Center on Philanthropy & Public Policy at USC and Andrew Wolk and Colleen Gross Ebinger, have done great work studying the different forms philanthropy-city government relationships have taken, focusing heavily on formalized offices and liaisons. [read more...]

New Frontiers

Buy local! Divest from coal! These rallying cries echo increasing interest from investors and consumers to think about the impact of their purchases and investments. Conscious decisions to invest or consume a particular product, or not, utilizes the market to communicate consumer and investor concerns and preferences. Shareholder resolutions, boycotts, and divestment movements, among other tools, have successfully motivated changes in corporate behavior and even national policy change.

“Socially Responsible Investing and Purchasing,” a chapter in New Frontiers of Philanthropy (ed. Salamon), assesses some of the history, performance, and future challenges and opportunities to impact corporate behavior by leveraging purchasing and investing decisions. It is included alongside chapters about securitization, loan guarantees, and social impact bonds, as examples of new tools that are reshaping how we address social and environmental issues in the world.

New Frontiers of Philanthropy is available through our publisher, Oxford University Press and Amazon.

The IRI at the Social Finance Forum, Beijing

June 26, 2014

IRI Director, David Wood and Founder, Steve Lydenberg, spent a week in Beijing this June, presenting at lectures, celebrating the translation of their book, and learning more about the quickly growing appetite for responsible investment in China. They were initially invited to present on the translation of the book Dilemmas in Responsible Investment, authored by Steve Lydenberg, with […]

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