IRI Events Anthology

by Annie Olszewski on October 27, 2014

P1010173As an applied research institution, engaging key stakeholders and practitioners involved in responsible investment is crucial to the mission of the Initiative for Responsible Investment (IRI). Convenings hosted by the IRI have explored a range of responsible investment theories, processes, and existing projects. This empirical and practical approach to research taken by the IRI is well-suited for a field that is constantly growing in scope and practice. From its inception in 2009, the IRI has worked to bring diverse actors together across a broad array of issues and areas of practice as a means to better inform research, focus, and strengthen the knowledge sharing within responsible investment. [read more...]

IRI Fall Updates

With fall in full swing, the IRI team looks back at our work over the past few months. We launched a report on Impact Investing in Development Finance Institutions, which provides insight to how a range of DFIs self-define their work in the impact investing space, a first step in a larger project exploring the actual and potential role of these institutions in growing global private sector impact investment activity.  We welcomed Senior Fellow, James Gifford, and Visiting Scholar, Falko Paetzold, to the IRI team. IRI staff contributed chapters to New Frontiers in Philanthropy and through our TLF project, the IRI hosted a regional convening in Chicago, IL. We are looking forward to hosting two book launches for The Impact Investor: Lessons in Leadership and Strategy for Collaborative Capitalism and  Private Equity at Work: When Wall Street Manages Main Street this month, and an upcoming event on November 3rd hosted by the IIPC and the Rockefeller Foundation to share the launch of our work, Impact Investing Policy in 2014: A Snapshot of Global Activity. We look forward to continuing our work on these important topics and sharing our developments.

Read a full description of our spring activities and upcoming events in our newsletter and follow us on Twitter for up to date developments.

UntitledDevelopment Finance Institutions (DFIs) exist with the stated purpose to provide crucial financing to developing countries. These institutions, created solely for the purpose of promoting development in emerging and frontier markets, present a seemingly obvious starting point for growing the impact investing space, not only in these emerging market economies, but among institutional investors at large. One could even argue that nearly all of their current investment activity falls into a broad understanding of impact investing as investments that generates both a positive social and financial impact. In this context, DFIs are increasingly talking about impact investing. The most recent report released by the G8 Social Impact Taskforce even includes providing flexible capital to DFIs as one of its key high-level recommendations for governments.

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