Public Policy

The Global Impact Investing Policy Project (GIIP) is a collaboration between the Initiative for Responsible Investment and InSight at Pacific Community Ventures, funded by The Rockefeller Foundation, researching the role of public policy in impact investing. The objective of the project is to develop research in support of stakeholders from the government, investment and related communities involved in designing policies that lead to more robust and effective impact investing markets.

The 2013 GIIP research agenda includes global impact investing policies related to building sustainable cities, and the development of a domestic impact investing policy agenda.

GIIP has launched the Impact Investing Policy Collaborative, a global community of researchers and policymakers who share knowledge and influence capital markets to support more effective impact investing. Visit the IIPC website to view impact investing and public policy resources and connect with other researchers and policymakers.


In December of 2013, the Impact Investing Policy Collaborative (IIPC), through a strategic partnership with the World Economic Forum (WEF) and with ongoing support from the UK Cabinet Office, launched the Global Learning Exchange (GLE). The GLE exists as a unique multi-stakeholder initiative that facilitates an inclusive and action-oriented dialogue on social impact investing.  The GLE will work to serve as a critical and accessible resource for influencers and practitioners across the globe to develop social impact investing. The GLE will cover a range of topics, including financial innovation, impact enterprise, social entrepreneurship, public leadership, market and intermediary infrastructure, social inclusion and investor participation. Learn more about the GLE here and see the full press release from WEF here.

Recent Activity

Breaking the Binary: Policy Guide for Social Innovation (2013) (pdf)
Co-authored with the Schwab Foundation for Social Enterpreneurship, InSight at Pacific Community Ventures, and SK Group, this report focuses on policies that support the development of social enterprises globally, with the first half providing a framework for government policy action, supported by case studies, and the second profiling leading social enterprises as a way to illustrate models of social innovation.

Impact at Scale: Policy Innovation for Institutional Investment with Social and Environmental Benefit (2011) (pdf)
The second report of the Global Impact Investing Policy Project focuses on the practices of large U.S. institutional investors around impact investing the extensive role of public policy in shaping how institutional investors channel capital. The paper presents three strategies for engaging these institutional asset owners on impact investing, leveraging public policy.

Impact Investing: A Framework for Policy Design and Analysis (2010) (pdf)
How can policymakers, investors, and civil society better evaluate and develop impact investment policies? Impact Investing: A Framework for Policy Design and Analysis, a report by the IRI and InSight at Pacific Community Ventures with support from The Rockefeller Foundation, draws on case studies from around the world to address this key question.