Mission Investing for Foundations

Mission Investors Exchange, a resource for foundations and related organizations that are using investments as tools for achieving their philanthropic goals, is the result of an integration between the PRI Makers Network and More for Mission. More for Mission, an effort by a coalition of foundations to advocate for market-rate mission investment within the world of charitable foundations, was established in 2008 and staffed by the IRI through the More for Mission Campaign Resource Center from 2008 to 2012.

Our work can be found here, and on the Mission Investors Exchange website.

Recent Activity

CI Field GuideCommunity Field Guide to Impact Investing (2013) (pdf)
Community foundations face unique challenges in approaching mission and impact investing. To help them navigate this space, we are pleased to share The Community Foundation Field Guide to Impact Investing with our strategic partners at the Mission Investors Exchange and the Council on Foundations. The Field Guide takes interested readers through a step-by-step process for impact investing by community foundations, from understanding the basics of impact investing to ultimate implementation, ensuring alignment between charitable purpose and impact investing practice. The Field Guide includes unique perspectives from a range of actors in the community investing space, from CEOs of large community foundations to impact investing researchers. Interviews with practitioners ground this report in the real world, while case studies of actual investments make the issues tangible for readers. 

Investing for Impact: PRI Makers Network and More for Mission National Conference (May 2012)

Cash as a Mission-Related Investment (2011) (pdf)
This paper explores the asset class of cash as a vehicle for mission investing. Its goal is to help foundations who wish to engage in the practice of mission investing—leveraging endowment assets to achieve financial and mission goals—by providing a simple, practical guide to mission-related cash investing.