Courses and Syllabi

Bainbridge Graduate Institute

Finance, Accounting & the Triple Bottom Line, Winter 2011 (syllabus)
Kate Lancaster, Don Piper, Brian Seltzer, Toni Smith

Finance, Accounting & the Triple Bottom Line, Fall 2010 (syllabus)
Kate Lancaster, Don Piper, Brian Seltzer

Boston University

Shareholder Activist (syllabus)
David Webber

Carleton University

Public Policy and Civil Society: Options and Issues in Financing the Third Sector (syllabus)
Tessa Hebb

Colorado State University – College of Business

Financing and Evaluating the Sustainable Enterprise (syllabus)
Paul Hudnut

Columbia University

Business Innovations in International Development: Applying Business Skills to Promote Economic and Social Development (syllabus)
Antony Bugg-Levine

Carbon Finance (syllabus)
Bruce Usher

Finance and Sustainability (syllabus)
Bruce Usher

Impact Investing Seminar (syllabus)
Bruce Usher

Sustainable Investing I (syllabus)
Cary Krosinsky

Sustainable Investing II (syllabus)
Cary Krosinsky

Duke University

Microfinance (syllabus)
Genna Miller

Principles and Practice of Microfinance
Leila Webster

Georgetown University

Entrepreneurial Impact Investment: Aligning Money and Values (syllabus)
Tutorial, John Whitman and Jeff Weston

Socially Responsible Investing (syllabus)
Pietra Rivoli

Harvard University

Advanced Topics in Nonprofit Financial Management (syllabus)
Luther Ragin, Jr.

Affordable and Mixed-Income Housing Development, Finance, and Management
Edward Marchant

Creating and Communicating Value: Building Business Models (syllabus)
Robert G. Eccles and George Serafeim

Field Study Seminar: Affordable Housing in the United States
Nicolas Retsinas

Financial Strategy and Leadership in High-Performing Nonprofits (syllabus)
Luther Ragin, Jr.

Microfinance in Theory and Practice (syllabus)
Guy Stuart

Social Impact Investing: Field Course
V. Kashturi Rangan, Michael Chu

Sustainable Cities: Urbanization, Infrastructure, and Finance
John Macomber

Johns Hopkins University

Impact Investing: Financial Inclusion and Value Creation at the Base of the Pyramid (syllabus)
Monica Brand, Gil Crawford, Steve Wardle

Microfinance and Development
Melissa Baez and Victoria White, Kate Griffin and Elissa McCarter


Responsible Real Estate Investment and Development (syllabus)
David Wood

New York University

Investing for Environmental and Social Impact (syllabus)
Steve Godeke

Northwestern University

Impact Investing: Applying Financial Innovation to Address Environmental and Societal Issues and Opportunities (syllabus)
Dave Chen

Presidio Graduate School

Presidio’s MBA in Sustainable Management offers a host of courses related to responsible investment, including:

Capital Markets
Scott Fullwiler

Managerial Finance
Steven Crane

St. Mary’s College

Global Corporate Governance: Developments and Emerging Standards (syllabus)
Jim Hawley

Tufts University

Micro Development Economics: Poverty Reduction Policy Analysis for Developing Countries (syllabus)
Julie Schaffner

Tulane University

Master of Sustainable Real Estate Development

University of British Columbia

Sustainable and Strategic Real Estate Investment & Community Development (syllabus)
Mark Monroe

University of California – Berkeley

The Center for Responsible Business at the Haas School of Business offers a rotation of courses on responsible investing. Past courses include:

Social Investing: Recent Findings in Management and Finance
Lloyd Kurtz

University of California – Davis

Managing a Socially Responsible Investment Fund (syllabus)
Brad Barber

University of Maryland

Sustainability and Investing (syllabus)
Cary Krosinsky

University of Michigan

Impact Investing and Asset Management, Spring 2011 (syllabus)
Kipp Baratoff

Impact Investing and Asset Management, Spring 2010 (syllabus)
Kipp Baratoff and Gabriel Thoumi

University of North Carolina

Financing Social Ventures: Risk Capital for Expansion
Rick Larson

Financing Sustainable Mega Projects
Jason Jolley

University of San Diego

Sustainable Real Estate

University of Toronto

Environmental Finance and Sustainable Investment: Risk Mitigation and Emerging Opportunities (syllabus)
Jane Ambachtsheer and Susan McGeachie

University of Waterloo

Environmental Finance (syllabus)
Olaf Weber

Yale University

Microfinance and Economic Development (syllabus)
Tony Sheldon

Private Investment and the Environment: Legal Foundations and Tools (syllabus)
Brad Gentry