On July 1st the Initiative for Responsible Investment (IRI) co-hosted a meeting with the ICIC to explore the potential role of the EB-5 program to increase economic opportunity in distressed communities. The EB-5 Immigrant Investor Program, a relatively obscure and sometimes controversial program was introduced in 1990 to attract foreign investment in U.S. markets. The program links investments that […]

In cities across America, philanthropy, civic institutions, businesses and local government are coming together to figure out how to best leverage their resources and capacity to address important community issues like poverty, unemployment, blighted neighborhoods, health, and safety. This place-based practice is increasingly finding its way into projects like Living Cities’ Integration Initiative and HUD’s […]

Buy local! Divest from coal! These rallying cries echo increasing interest from investors and consumers to think about the impact of their purchases and investments. Conscious decisions to invest or consume a particular product, or not, utilizes the market to communicate consumer and investor concerns and preferences. Shareholder resolutions, boycotts, and divestment movements, among other […]