There is a growing body of literature that indicates that investing in good jobs is good for the long-term performance of companies and investments. MIT Business School Professor Zeynep Ton argues for a “Good Jobs Strategy,” writing that some of the best and most profitable retailers have succeeded by considering employees an asset in which […]

Building for the Future

by David Wood on May 11, 2015

Last Tuesday, I attended a meeting at the White House that accompanied the recent publication of a Federal Guide to Infrastructure Planning and Design. The guide was released as part of the Build America Investment Initiative, launched in July 2014 to encourage partnerships between federal, local and state governments and the private sector that enhance […]

“Good Jobs, Good Investments” Thursday, May 7, 2015 2:00 PM Eastern/11:00 AM Pacific Featuring: Mariela M. Vargova, Ph.D., Senior Sustainability Analyst, Rockefeller Asset Management; Cambria Allen, Corporate Governance Director, UAW Retiree Medical Benefits Trust;   Richard Clayton, Research Director, Change to Win Investment Group