Our Approach

The Initiative for Responsible Investment was founded to provide institutional support for catalytic activity for responsible investment, broadly construed, with a strong focus on creating a foundation of research activity around the field. To do this, it:

  • Conducts research and releases publications on the metrics, theory and evolving practices of responsible investors, including topics such as public policy and impact investing, the state and future growth of community investment in the United States, and the particular challenges of pension funds in considering responsible investment.
  • Thinks systematically about the application of responsible investment principles across all asset classes.
  • Provides forums for responsible investors to meet and exchange views among themselves on issues of current concern.
  • Creates opportunities for constructive dialogue between responsible investors and other stakeholders on broad issues of current concern on responsible investment practice and theory.
  • Offers support to responsible investors wishing to form associations of targeted institutions (i.e., foundations, academic institutions, public pension fund, etc.) or associations of purveyors of targeted investment vehicles (i.e., equities, fixed income, real estate, etc.) to promote and enhance their practices.

The IRI works to fill these needs and to catalyze the development of additional organizations working toward the same goals.