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WEEKLY NEWS DIGEST (September 1-7, 2014)

Wednesday, September 10th, 2014



Forum: Booker T. Washington Academy in New Haven embodies best of charter schools.” By Jeremiah Grace. New Haven Register. September 1, 2014,

Suspensions and expulsions down in D.C. charter schools.” By Michael Alison Chandler. Washington Post. September 5, 2014.

The Battle for New York Schools: Eva Moskowitz vs. Mayor Bill de Blasio.” New York Times. September 7, 2014.


A New Twist in Online Learning at Stanford; What I learned from teaching Econ 1 on the Web to students who included one in Botswana.” Opinion. By John B. Taylor. Wall Street Journal. September 2, 2014.

Survey Part I: Get To Know Harvard’s Class of 2018; Annual Survey Shows Points of Connection, Difference with Previous Class.” By Steven S. Lee and Carolina I. Portela-Blanco. Harvard Crimson. [Part I of a four-part series on Harvard’s incoming Class of 2018, based on data collected by The Crimson in an email survey conducted in the month of August. Part II will run on Wednesday]. Harvard Crimson. September 2, 2014.

Yale’s tax exempt New Haven property worth $2.5 billion.” By Ed Stannard. New Haven Register. September 2, 2014.
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Interactive map: Properties Yale University owns in New Haven.” New Haven Register. September 2, 2014.

Doubling in size, Yale-NUS student body thrives.” By Lavinia Borzi. Yale Daily News. September 3, 2014.

Buckley Program pushes expansion.” By Phoebe Kimmelman. Yale Daily News. September 3, 2014.

In the fanciest dorm in Washington, designs on changing the world; At Georgetown’s Halcyon House, a new program aims to foster innovation; Georgetown’s historic Halcyon House has been transformed into a luxury meeting and housing space for a new fellowship program.” By Roxanne Roberts. Washington Post. September 3, 2014.

Endicott College’s mission defines its culture.” By Cindy Atoji Keene. Boston Globe. September 7, 2014.


North Carolina District Breaks Ties With Teach For America.” By Reema Khrais. All Things Considered/National Public Radio. September 3, 2014.


“On the School-Choice Barricades; Former D.C. councilman Kevin Chavous talks about his battles with teachers unions across the country and why the voucher movement is advancing
.” By Allysia Finley. Wall Street Journal. September 6, 2014.

WEEKLY NEWS DIGEST (August 25-31, 2014)

Monday, September 1st, 2014



State commission denies Brookhaven charter school proposal.” By Ty Tagami. Atlanta Journal-Constitution. August 28, 2014.

New Orleans Enters The Charter School Era.” By Claudio Sanchez. All Things Considered/National Public Radio. August 29, 2014.

The Original Charter School Vision.” Op-ed. By Richard B.Kahlenberg and Halley Potter. New York Times. August 31, 2014.

Three charter school applications submitted to the state.” By Nell Gluckman, Bangor Daily News. August 30, 2014.


John G. Sperling, For-Profit College Pioneer, Dies at 93; John G. Sperling’s University of Phoenix became, over four decades, one of the largest education ventures in the world.” By Richard Perez-Pena. New York Times. August 26, 2014.
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John G. Sperling, University of Phoenix founder, dies at age 93.” Washington Post. August 26, 2014.
John Sperling, University of Phoenix founder, dies.” San Francisco Chronicle. August 26, 2014.

How for-profit colleges rip off students.” By Whitney Barkley. CNN. August 29, 2014.


Cooper Union Tuition Battle Centers on Founder’s Flowery Words; A Manhattan judge Is Now Deciding What Peter Cooper Intended.” By Mike Vilensky. Wall Street Journal. August 26, 2014.

Generation Later, Poor Are Still Rare at Elite Colleges.” By Richard Perez-Pena. New York Times. August 26, 2014.

Harvard alums criticize endowment pay.” By Beth Healy. Boston Globe. August 28, 2014.

Lynn public schools sever relationship with Gordon College.” By Oliver Ortega. Boston Globe. August 30, 2014.

WEEKLY NEWS DIGEST (August 18-24, 2014)

Monday, August 25th, 2014



Book Review: The Enclosure of the American Mind; ‘Excellent Sheep.” by William Deresiewicz. New York Times. August 24, 2014.

Cooper Union’s tuition plan goes to court; The 155-year-old school intends to collect tuition this fall.” Crain’s New York Business/Associated Press. August 18, 2014.

San Jose: National Hispanic University students seek lifeline.” By Howard Mintz. San Jose Mercury-News. August 18, 2014.


Trenton’s Acadia Christian School closes because of inadequate funding.” By Nell Gluckman. Bangor Daily News. August 2, 2014.


Zuckerberg’s money starts flowing to Bay Area schools.” By Jill Tucker. San Francisco Chronicle. August 23, 2014.

WEEKLY NEWS DIGEST (August 11-17, 2014)

Monday, August 18th, 2014



120 American Charter Schools and One Secretive Turkish Cleric; The FBI is investigating a group of educators who are followers of a mysterious Islamic movement. But the problems seem less related to faith than to the oversight of charter schools.” By Scott Beauchamp. Atlantic. August 12, 2014.

New Orleans Charters Prepare For A Big First Day Of School.” All Things Considered/National Public Radio. August 11, 2014.

State Tightens Rules For Charter Schools.” New Haven Independent. August 13, 2014.


The Law-School Scam; For-profit law schools are a capitalist dream of privatized profits and socialized losses. But for their debt-saddled, no-job-prospect graduates, they can be a nightmare.” By Paul Campos.Atlantic. August 13, 2014.

Corinthian Colleges tells investors it is facing a criminal probe; Corinthian Colleges said last month that it would sell 85 of its 107 campuses and online programs. Above, the lobby of Corinthian’s Everest College in Santa Ana in June.” By Chris Kirkham. Los Angeles Times. August 14, 2014.

Teaching Is Not a Business.” By David L. Kirp. Op-ed. New York Times. August 17, 2014.


Donors boost Mass. public colleges; Fund-raising in state’s systems brings steady flow.” By Matt Rocheleau. Boston Globe. August 11, 2014.

A University’s Partnership Reshapes Bowling Green, Ky.” By Keith Schneider. New York Times. August 13, 2014.

Social issues swirl at Gordon College; Stance on gays changes climate; Gordon College, with more than 2,100 students, has built a reputation as a faith-based institution with an inclusive feel, well to the left of more doctrinaire religious schools.” By Peter Schworm. Boston Globe. August 13, 2014.

A mind is a terrible thing to waste at Yale; Review of William Deresiewicz’s “Excellent Sheep.” By Carlos Lozada. Washington Post. August 17, 2014.


Can Kickstarter save arts education?” By Caitlin Dewey. Washington Post. August 15, 2014.


Michelle Rhee drops out of school group; StudentsFirst was hobbled by a high staff turnover rate and embarrassing PR.” By Stephanie Simon. August 13, 2014.
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Ex-Head of Washington Schools Steps Down at Advocacy Group.” New York Times. August 14, 2014.

Michelle Rhee to step down as head of advocacy group StudentsFirst; Michelle Rhee gives a speech in Los Angeles last year. She is stepping down as head of StudentsFirst, an education advocacy group that pushes for teacher evaluation systems that are based largely on student performance.” Los Angeles Times. August 14, 2014.

WEEKLY NEWS DIGEST (August 4-10. 2014)

Monday, August 11th, 2014



D.C. charter school educates parents alongside children.” By Michael Alison Chandler. Washington Post. August 4, 2014.

State Board OKs Charter’s Sept. 15 Opening.” By Julia Zorthian. New Haven Independent. August 4, 2014.


VA Says University of Phoenix Campus Is in Full Compliance; California Agency Had Found San Diego Campus Enrolled Too Many Veterans in Certain Programs.” By Ben Kesling. Wall Street Journal. August 6, 2014.


Assault case shocks elite St. Paul’s school; Assault case has elite St. Paul’s examining school’s culture; News of the allegation has left students horrified and questioning its spring rite.” By Evan Allen. Boston Globe. August 8, 2014.

WEEKLY NEWS DIGEST (July 28-August 2, 2014)

Sunday, August 3rd, 2014



California Cracks Down on University of Phoenix’s Veteran Enrollments; State Bans Campus of For-Profit School From Enrolling More Veterans in 7 Programs.” By Ben Kesling and Douglas Belkin. Wall Street Journal. August 1, 2014.


Record-Setting $650M Donation Paves Way for Psychiatric Research at Broad.” By Tyler S. Olkowski, Harvard Crimson. July 28, 2014.


Nonprofit group’s class teaches youths basic skills for college.” By Jason Song. Los Angeles Times. August 2, 2013.


Balancing Special-Education Needs With Rising Costs.” By Al Baker. New York Times. July 28, 2014.

WEEKLY NEWS DIGEST (July 21-27, 2014)

Monday, July 28th, 2014



Louisiana parents, teachers, charters sue to get the Common Core back on track.” By Lyndsey Layton. Washington Post. July 23, 2014.

Charter Schools, Money And Test Scores.” All Things Considered/National Public Radio. July 22, 2014.

Elm City Charter Eyed For Futuristic “Conversion”.” By Melissa Bailey. New Haven Independent. July 24, 2014.

Judge allows 2 charter schools to remain open.” By Stephen Ceasar and Teresa Watanabe. Los Angeles Times. July 26, 2014.


DeVry Says New York Is Investigating Marketing Practices; Attorney General’s Office Probes Possible Violations of False Advertising Laws.” By Michael Calia. Wall Street Journal. July 20, 2014.

As a teacher, I fought predatory for-profit schools from the inside.” By Nina M. Flores. Washington Post. July 24, 2014.

Review & Outlook: Obama’s Corinthian Kill; How regulators used accusations to ruin a for-profit educator.” Wall Street Journal. July 26, 2014.
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Heald, other Corinthian-owned colleges continue to recruit students as company closes.” San Jose Mercury-News. July 24, 2014.
Veterans Advocacy Group Puts Corinthian Colleges On Blacklist.” All Things Considered/National Public Radio. July 27, 2014.


AFSCME parts ways with the United Negro College Fund over Koch brothers money.” By Laura Clawson. Daily Kos. July 26, 2014.


Online School for Girls puts focus on connection, collaboration.” By Sara Hayden. Los Angeles Times. July 21, 2014.

Town Wins Transfer Of Islamic School Tax Case to New Britain.” By Marcia Chambers. New Haven Independent. July 2, 2014.


Why Are Teachers Unions So Opposed to Change? As a former union leader and a lifelong Democrat, I am deeply troubled by their rhetoric and strategy.” Opinion. By Antonio Villaraigosa. Wall Street Journal. July 21, 2014.

WEEKLY NEWS DIGEST (July 14-20, 2014)

Monday, July 21st, 2014



Charter School Scales Back Plans.” By Melissa Bailey. New Haven Independent. July 17, 2014.

Maine’s first virtual charter school enrolls enough students to open: Amy Linscott opens Maine Connections Academy’s 536-page application last March to become an approved charter school in Maine.” By Nell Gluckman. Bangor Daily News. July 19, 2014.


The Collapse Of Corinthian Colleges.” By John O’Connor. Morning Edition/National Public Radio. July 8, 2014.
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Corruption-buster to monitor sale, closure of Corinthian Colleges.” San Jose Mercury-News. July 20, 2014.


L.A. girls school launches inquiry into reports of teacher misconduct.” By Julie Cart and David Zahniser. Los Angeles Times. July 14, 2014.

Expelled transgender student wins partial victory.” By Emma Margolin. MSNBC. July 15, 2014.

Morals Clauses Prove Controversial For Catholic School Teachers.” By Sandhya Dirks. All Things Considered/National Public Radio. July 15, 2014.


Pizarro: President Obama highlights work of Silicon Valley Education Foundation CEO Muhammed Chaudhry.” By Sal Pizarro. San Jose Mercury-News. July 16, 2014.

“Koch High: How The Koch Brothers Are Buying Their Way Into The Minds Of Public School Students
.” By Christina Wilkie and Joy Resmovits. Huffington Post. July 17, 2014.

WEEKLY NEWS DIGEST (July 7-13, 2014)

Monday, July 14th, 2014



Charters Catch On Fast in Newark; Parents Increasingly Look Outside District Schools.” By Leslie Brody. Wall Street Journal. July 7, 2014.

With New Partner, Charter Aims For Aug. Opening.” By Melissa Bailey. New Haven Independent. July 9, 2014.
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Morrison Issues Plea For Charter Opening.New Haven Independent. July 10, 2014.

Guv Defends Charters, Calls For More Scrutiny.” By Melissa Bailey. New Haven Independent. July 11, 2014.


Review & Outlook: Obama’s Letters to Corinthian; How to destroy a for-profit college company without due process.” Wall Street Journal. July 7, 2014.
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Fair Game: Flunking Out, at a Price.” New York Times. July 13, 2014.

“Lessons of a For-Profit College Collapse.” Editorial. New York Times. July 9, 2014.


Private summer schools prompt debate on education inequality.” Los Angeles Times. July 13, 2014.

WEEKLY NEWS DIGEST (June 30-July 6, 2014)

Monday, July 7th, 2014



Los Altos: Bullis Charter, school district reach tentative truce.” By Sharon Noguchi and Jason Green. San Jose Mercury-News. July 4, 2014.

McKinney: State Failed To Vet Charter Group.” By Melissa Bailey. New Haven Independent. July 4, 2014.

New D.C. charter school highlights debate over planning.” By Emma Brown. Washington Post. July 5, 2014.

Charters and Common Core: For them, integrated learning is nothing new.” By Frances Teso and John Glover. San Jose Mercury-News. July 6, 2014


Heald College is for sale, parent company reports.” By Katy Murphy. San Jose Mercury-News. July 1, 2014.

College Group Run for Profit Looks to Close or Sell Schools.” By Richard Perez-Pena. New York Times. July 5, 2014.
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For-profit Corinthian Colleges to sell 85 schools, close 12 others; California AG, U.S. senators want curbs on enrollment at troubled Corinthian Colleges.” Los Angeles Times. July 5, 2014.


Book Review: ‘Elihu Yale’ by Diana Scarisbrick and Benjamin Zucker; Yale University bears the name of one of the world’s first super-managers, a child of the East India Co.” By Charles Dameron. Wall Street Journal. July 5, 2014.


Full-Day Pre-K Choice for New York City’s Religious Schools; Adding Spiritual Teachings to Extended Program Would Be Too Much for Children, Some Say.” By Will Huntsberry. Wall Street Journal. June 30, 2014.

Potomac School investigation uncovers more alleged abuse.” By Justin Jouvenal. Washington Post. July 1, 2014.

Ethics guru, exclusive private school spar over discipline of daughter.” By Harriet Ryan. Los Angeles Times. July 4, 2014.


Opinion: How Teachers Unions Use ‘Common Core’ to Undermine Reform; Instituting new standards has opened the door for attempts to gut teacher evaluations and ‘suspend’ accountability.” By Eric A. Hanushek. Wall Street Journal. July 1, 2014.

Good Riddance to Common Core Testing.” By Diane Ravitch. Huffington Post. July 3, 2014.