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WEEKLY NEWS DIGEST (September 21-28, 2014)

Monday, September 29th, 2014



10th anniversary of establishment of Confucius Institute celebrated in Cambodia.” September 26, 2014.


Vatican Arrests Former Archbishop On Child Abuse Charges.” Morning Edition/National Public Radio. September 24, 2014.

Francis Removes Bishop Under Cloud in Paraguay.” By Gaia Pianigiani and Laurie Goodstein. New York Times. September 26, 2014.
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Paraguay bishop Livieres sacked over ‘abuse cover-up’; The Right Reverend Rogelio Livieres Plano has been dismissed as bishop of the diocese of Ciudad del Este.” BBC News. September 26, 2014.

Pennsylvania Priest Accused of Abuse Was Reported 5 Years Ago, Records Show.” By Trrip Gabriel. New York Times. September 27, 2014.

Editorial: Archdiocese of Hartford at odds with Pope Francis’ words on money, sex abuse.” New Haven Register/ Associated Press. September 28, 2014.


Xi backs Confucius Institutes’ development on anniversary.” September 28, 2014.


Why Raising Money To Fight Ebola Is Hard.” By Zoe Chace. All Things Considered/National Public Radio. September 23, 2014.


FIFA Investigator Wants Report Made Public; Michael Garcia Investigated the Bid Process for the 2018, 2022 World Cup.” By Matthew Futterman. Wall Street Journal. September 25, 2014.


50 years of L’Arche communities for people with learning disabilities; On 27 September, L’Arche International celebrates its 50th anniversary. There are 146 communities worldwide in 35 countries.” Guardian. September 27, 2014.


“China Red Cross supports fight against cholera in Ghana., September 23, 2014.

Confucius Institute Day marked in Ghana.” By Alex Osei-Boateng. September 28, 2014.


Hong Kong Tops List of Foreign Donors to U.S. Schools; Chan Brothers’ Gifts Latest Examples of Generosity from ‘New York of Asia’.” By Jason Chow. Wall Street Journal. September 23, 2014.


Fighting for change: better from the boardroom or the street? NGOs are aflutter for the UN General Assembly and Climate Summit but how effective are these spaces for creating change? Poll – NGOs v the people: who’s better at getting heard?” By Dhananjayan Sriskandarajah. Guardian. September 23, 2014.


4 of 7 deemed universities found unfit by UGC face uncertain future.” By Akshaya Mukul. Times of India. September 24, 2014.


Beatification Brings Opus Dei Into the Open.” By Raphael Minder and Elisabetta Pololedo. New York Times. September 27, 2014.


Addiction to charity ends in divorce for millionaire who gave it all away.” By Chris Smyth. Times of London. September 22, 2014.

Saying goodbye to the old boys’ network; More inclusive leadership can benefit both public and private organisations. So what stands in the way of diversity?” By Jane Dudman. Guardian. September 22, 2014.

Behind the scenes at the UK’s philanthropy clubs; High octane evenings filled with canapés and auction-style charity donations, welcome to The City’s giving nights.” By Frederika Whitehead. Guardian. September 22, 2014.

How to hang on to your donors and keep your activists happy; As your charity grows, build a meaningful relationship with your existing supporters and they’ll stay loyal to your cause; The top charities finding innovative ways of fundraising; How to build sustainable donor relationships.”" By Amy Wilson. Guardian. September 24, 2014.


Blase Cupich is Pope Francis’s American messenger.” Opinions. By E.J Dionne. Washington Post. September 25, 2014.


Confucius Institute in Zambia marks 10th anniversary.” September 28, 2014.

WEEKLY NEWS DIGEST (September 15-21, 2014)

Tuesday, September 23rd, 2014



Education funding is a matter of equity.” Sydney Morning Herald. September 15, 2014.

Harmonie German Club boots out rebels.” Sydney Morning Herald. September 17, 2014.

Hillsong Church to come under scrutiny at royal commission into child sex abuse.” By Rachel Browne. Sydney Morning Herald. September 18, 2014.


“Environmental Funding Bypasses Indigenous Communities.” By Amantha Perera. Interpress Service ( September 21, 2014.


Fury at Fifa’s inquiry cover-up.” Times of London. September 21, 2014.


The rise of Greek civil society; Talk to those who are building Greece’s civil society and it becomes clear that volunteering brings people together no matter what their political views.” By Sally Brammall. Guardian. September 20, 2014.


Foreign funding of NGOs; Donors: keep out: More and more autocrats are stifling criticism by barring non-governmental organisations from taking foreign cash.” Economist. September 17, 2014.


What I discovered when I took my charity back to the future; By looking forward to 2030 I understood the changes I needed to make now, says charity leader; What I learned about social leadership from a hostage negotiator; Diary of a 2014 Clore Social Fellow.” By Eugenie Teasley. Guardian. September 15,, 2014.

How to set up a clothes swap in your area; Leeds Community Clothing Exchange is one of several community clothes swaps around the country; How can you set up your own? Swap till you drop: the joys of Leeds Community Clothing Exchange.” By Katherine Purvis and Maria Evrenos. Guardian. September 16, 2014.

Crowdfunding: Essential advice for charities; Crowdfunding is a unique and rewarding opportunity for charities, and rewards can even be eligible for Gift Aid. Here’s where to begin: • Expert advice: crowdfunding; • Crowdfunding isn’t a quick fix for charity fundraisers; • How to reach the top in fundraising.” By Jess Ratty. Guardian. September 17, 2014.

Scottish independence could make space for charities’ principles; On the eve of vote day, John Downie, director of public affairs at the Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations gauges the mood; Scottish Independence: How would a ‘yes’ vote affect the charity sector?” By John Downie. Guardian. September 18, 2014.

How to set up your own repair cafe; Llandrindod Repair Cafe in Wales is part of the Repair Cafe Foundation. Want to prepare, share and repair too? These tips will help you fix it.” By Katherine Purvis, Nell Card and Lucy Palmer. Guardian. September 19, 2014.

Why selflessness evolved for selfish reasons; The pressure to act charitably – whether in celebrities or chimps – is all about indirect reciprocity: ensuring future cooperation.” By Rachel Kendal. Guardian. September 20, 2014.

Public schools must learn the meaning of charity; To avoid the charge of elitism, private schools should do the right thing and share their facilities with the state sector.” Opinion. By Janice Turner. Times of London. September 20 2014.

Plymouth University ‘spent £150,000 on 7 chairs’ after protests against potential job losses; Meanwhile job losses have prompted lecturer protests.” By Sarah Cassidy. Independent. September 19, 2014.

WEEKLY NEWS DIGEST (September 8-14, 2014)

Monday, September 15th, 2014



Megachurch With a Beat Lures a Young Flock.” By Michael Paulson. New York Times. September 9, 2014.

Belconnen New Connection Church has charitable status revoked.” By Ben Westcott. Sydney Morning Herald. September 12, 2014.

“Union-linked company’s profits used as fighting fund, royal commission hears.” By Anna Patty. Sydney Morning Herald. September 12, 2014.


Aga Khan museum opens in Toronto.” By Richi Verma. Times of India. September 14, 2014.


Egypt Revives Law Allowing Government To Control NGOs.” By Leila Fadel. All Things Considered/National Public Radio. September 10, 2014.


Archaeologists Chase Private Funds To Preserve Greek Antiquities.” By Joanna Kakissis. Morning Edition/National Public Radio. September 8, 2014.


TOI launches 3rd edition of Social Impact Awards: Let’s hear it for India’s silent heroes of hope.” Times of India. September 12, 2014.


Head in sudden exit from top public school Sherborne.” By David Brown. Times of London. September 8, 2014.

Tony Blair Faith Foundation ‘assessed’ by charity watchdog after concerns raised about former PM’s influence; The Foundation is not being investigated but a meeting will be held in autumn.” By Lizzie Dearden. Independent. September 8, 2014.

Moving beyond left and right could save the public sector; In a landscape of outsourcing, social enterprises can counter the culture that has hollowed out our services.” By Zoe Williams. Guardian. September 8, 2014.

Mario’s millions: could US charity gaming marathons sweep the UK? The craze for video gaming for charity has seen some events rake in more than $1m in the US. Could UK fundraisers tap in? Five ways charities use gamification; Charities must get the most out of crowdfunding and gaming The top charities finding innovative ways of fundraising.” By Charlotte Simmonds. Guardian. September 8, 2014.

NHS privatisation: it isn’t a black and white issue; There will always be pros and cons in the competition debate, and the two sides could learn a lot from each other: • Privatisation is ripping the NHS from our hands; • Flimsy evidence should not be used to generalise merits of ‘mutual’ NHS trusts.” By Dick Vinegar. Guardian. September 9, 2014.

Charities help fill gaps in children’s mental health services; Children and young people’s mental health care is in crisis; here are some third sector organisations offering innovative services: • Austerity or opportunity? How mental health services can thrive; • Why is mental health such a low priority for the UN?” By Catriona Kinney. Guardian. September 10, 2014.

In praise of … Beanstalk; A little charity with big ambitions to help children climb the stalk of success, by learning how to read.” Editorial. Guardian. September 10, 2014.

US Cities of Service scheme to mobilise 2,000 new volunteers in UK; As the US Cities of Service volunteering scheme launches in the UK, council release plans to tackle problems from loneliness to food poverty with volunteering; Men overtake women as volunteer numbers return to highest in decade; Community volunteers should receive council tax discount – or should they?” By Claudia Cahalane. Guardian. September 10, 2014.

Social work for a charity: why I’m sticking with the third sector; The job satisfaction and diversity of work with young people means I can’t imagine life in a local authority.” By Ruth Hardy. Guardian. September 10, 2014.

Bitcoin: how the charity RNLI is using the digital currency; Bitcoin got a bad name for their role in sales of naked pictures of celebrities, but could their anonymity boost donations? First charity bond listed on London Stock Exchange: what next? Charity ethical investments push corporates like PepsiCo on morals; Ethical investment: can you ever get it completely right?” By Claudia Cahalane. Guardian. September 10, 2014.

Lisa Nandy, shadow minister for civil society – in the hot seat; As Labour’s consultation with the third sector draws to a close, the Labour MP for Wigan is keen to talk to readers. Join Lisa Nandy here live on Tuesday 16 September from 1pm–2pm; Charities can help Labour to fulfil its new mission; Aiming for ‘independence, a strong voice and the freedom to innovate’.” By Lisa Nandy. Guardian. September 11, 2014.

Five ways to make your charity campaign go global: From preparing for a viral sensation to ensuring your messages are culturally appropriate, here’s how to conquer the world; 5 tricks to make a big impact with your small charity; Ice bucket challenge: when can a charity hijack a hashtag?” By Aimee Meade. Guardian. September 11, 2014.

How to set up a neighbourhood group A community in a deprived area of Wales learned to use recycling projects and street parties to revive neighbourly spiriit. Here are some tips for doing the same in your area; Steven Morris visits Friends and Neighbours Community Alliance.” By Lucy Palmer, Katherine Purvis, Maria Evrenos. Guardian. September 11, 2014.

WEEKLY NEWS DIGEST (September 1-7, 2014)

Wednesday, September 10th, 2014



Philanthropists urged to go public about gifts.” Sydney Morning Herald. September 2, 2014.


The Aga Khan’s New Islamic Treasure Trove; The Imam’s vast collection will be housed in a new Toronto museum opening Sept. 18.” By Kelly Crow. Wall Street Journal. September 5, 2014.


Melbourne sex abuse priest Mato Krizanac returns to church in Bosnian parish.” Cameron Houston and Chris Vedelago. Sydney Morning Herald. September 7, 2014.


Budget Cuts Hobble The World Health Organization’s Ebola Response.” All Things Considered/National Public Radio. September 4, 2014.


FIFA Member’s Arrest Prompts Questioning.” By Graham Dunbar. Huffington Post. September 7, 2014.


In Germany, Many Believers Balk at Tweak to Church Tax; As Loophole Closes, Disgruntled German Catholics and Protestants Opt to Officially Leave Churches.” By Chase Gummer. Wall Street Journal. September 3, 2014.


Tabo monastery in Himachal gets Rs 45 crore institute of Bodh darshan.” By Anand Bodh. Times of India. September 3, 2014.

CBI lens on Rs 33 crore Saradha ‘donations’.” By Dwaipayan Ghosh. Times of India. September 3, 2014.


Will corporate cash save Roman monuments or diminish them?” By Anthony Faiola. Washington Post. September 7, 2014.


Philanthropy: reclaiming the ‘P-word’ for a modern world: Do people think of vain tax dodgers when they hear the word philanthropist? Perhaps it needs rebranding; Philanthropy is dead. The voluntary sector needs commercial principles; Building better philanthropy for a better society; Why you don’t have to have wealth to be a philanthropist“. By Cheryl Chapman. Guardian. September 1, 2014.

Development: not for people from different work and ethnic backgrounds? Based on current recruitment criteria, one reader laments that even Bill Gates would not be able to get a job in a British NGO: • 12 tips for getting a job in international development”. By Nicholas Milton. Guardian. September 2, 2014.

Tony Blair named philanthropist of the year; Tony Blair’s GQ award has drawn criticism Reuters.” By Tony Bonnici. Times of London. September 3, 2014.

Eight easy ways to give your fundraising a data boost: Donor data is a priceless resource for fundraisers. Ben Carter at explains how to use it to take your fundraising from average to outstanding; How charities can understand and manage data; How data analysis can help your charity to enhance its fundraising results; Opening up the voluntary sector: using data to drive innovation.” By Ben Carter. Guardian. September 3, 2014.

Six reasons why charities should harness hyperlocal communications: While it is easy to get drowned out in mainstream channels, charities that are focusing on local outlets are seeing fantastic results; 10 things your charity needs to know about social media; Five social media charity campaigns you need to know about.” By Zoe Amar. Guardian. September 4, 2014.

Charities should stick to knitting and keep out of politics, says MP; New civil society minister Brooks Newmark accused of spouting ‘patronising rubbish’ as concerns over Lobbying Act grow.” By Rowena Mason. Guardian. September 5, 2014.

Blair faith project hit by withdrawal of Harvard school.” By David Brown. Times of London. September 6, 2014.

WEEKLY NEWS DIGEST (August 25-31, 2014)

Monday, September 1st, 2014



Worker’s co-operatives: A stake in the businesss.” By Michael Green. Sydney Morning Herald. August 28, 2014.

Australian universities plead for deregulation.” July 28, 2014.


Defrocked diplomat may become first priest accused of sexual abuse to be tried at the Vatican.” By Michelle Boorstein. Washington Post. August 26, 2014.
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Ex-Diplomat for the Vatican Could Be Tried.” By Laurie Goodstein. New York Times. August 26, 2014.
Former St Mary’s Cathedral College principal charged with historical child abuse offences.” By Emma Partridge. Sydney Morning Herald. August 28, 2014.


Towards a Global Governance Information Clearing House.” [This is the third in a series of special articles to commemorate the 50th anniversary of IPS, which was set up in 1964, the same year as the Group of 77 (G77) and UNCTAD]. By Ramesh Jaura. Interpress Service ( August 27, 2014.


Russia Goes to War With McDonald’s, Soviet Style.” Op-ed. By Masha Gessen. New York Times. August 31, 2014.


If charities want our money, they must come clean; Campaigners who enjoy tax benefits should be open about their activities.” By Stephen Pollard. Times of London. August 26, 2014.

Charity leader: ‘The joys of multiple relationships’: Do you really know the benefits of collaborating with other charities, asks deputy chief executive of Sense, Richard Kramer; The future of the voluntary sector: partnerships case study; ‘It’s amazing what you can achieve when no one cares who gets the credit’; How to collaborate and partner with other sectors as a small charity.” By Richard Kramer. Guardian. August 26, 2014.

Closed shop at the top in deeply elitist Britain, says study; Elitism so embedded in Britain that it could be called social engineering, social mobility commission concludes.” By Andrew Sparrow. Guardian. August 28, 2014.

Top of British society is a racket for the privileged; Statistics should provoke Britain’s media into prolonged period of self-reflection. They probably won’t, since 54% of top 100 media professionals went to private schools.” By Owen Jones. Guardian. July 28, 2014.

10 tips for charity impact measurement; Struggling to measure your charities’ impact? Our Twitter followers share their advice on where a charity can begin: • How to measure your impact as a small charity; • ‘In the charity sector, impact is everything’.” By Aimee Meade. Guardian. July 28, 2014.

Stephen Lloyd obituary: Lawyer who helped to modernise the charity sector and conceived the idea of the community interest company.” By David Brindle. Guardian. August 30, 2014.

WEEKLY NEWS DIGEST (August 18-24, 2014)

Monday, August 25th, 2014



“Philanthropy comes of age in Australia.” By Lucinda Schmidt. Sydney Morning Herald. August 21, 2014.


Abuse priests are like truckers, cardinal says.” By Philip Willan. Times of London. August 23, 2014.

For Nuncio Accused of Abuse, Dominicans Want Justice at Home, Not Abroad.” By Laurie Goodstein. New York Times. August 24, 2014.

Melbourne Response reveals considerations when weighing up abuse payouts.” By Jane Lee and Cameron Houston. Sydney Morning Herald. August 24, 2014.


Ebola crisis provides glimpse into Samaritan’s Purse, SIM.” By Brady Dennis. Washington Post. August 21, 2014.


Churches at the Frontline of Climate Action.” By Melanie Mattauch. Interpress Service ( “Churches at the Frontline of Climate Action.”
August 23, 2014.


Waiting to die at India’s Salvation House; Mukti Bhavan, or Salvation House, is a charity-run hostel that caters to people who come to Varanasi, India, to die. The city is considered Hinduism’s holiest city and many believe that dying there and having their remains scattered in the Ganges river allows them to escape the cycle of death and rebirth and attain salvation.Washington Post/Reuters. August 21, 2014.

Ice Bucket Challenge: Indian celebrities take up the cause.” By Sidharth Malhotra. Times of India. August 22, 2014.


Irish seek truth behind babes’ unburied bones.” By Kevin Cullen. Boston Globe. August 24, 2014.


Secret government contracts stop citizens knowing if outsourcing works; Opening up information about contracts is an essential step towards an evidence-based debate about UK public services: • David Walker: ‘There’s no evidence that outsourcing works’; • Which private companies get the most government money?” By Jonathan Gray. Guardian. August 18, 2014.

Head of fundraising: ‘Why I quit my charity job’; David Milton took his charity’s income from £11,000 to £4m a year, then he left. It was, he says, an act of true leadership: • How to hire new talent for your charity; • What I learned about leadership from a hostage negotiator.” By David Milton. Guardian. August 18, 2014.

Beating Poverty: The prime minister is right to believe that job creators, teachers and parents underpin the good society.” Opinion. Times of London. August 19, 2014.

Big Society charity winds up after claims it misused up to £2.5m in funding; Lottery and public-sector grants were awarded despite lack of track record.” By Oliver Wright. Independent. August 21, 2014.

How charities can understand and manage data; Data management is essential to better understand your beneficiaries and services – yet it can be a daunting task. Peter Watson explains how to approach it; How data analysis can help your charity to enhance its fundraising results; Opening up the voluntary sector: using data to drive innovation.” By Peter Watson. Guardian. August 21, 2014.

Co-operative Bank announces losses of £75.8m; Troubled organisation’s losses narrow sharply but bank is haemorrhaging customers as tens of thousands leave.” By Shane Hickey. Guardian. August 22, 2014.

Revealed: the UK’s most generous town; Bedford is the UK’s ‘most generous town’, according to JustGiving; Residents donated over £1m to charitable causes via the fundraising website.” By Antonia Molloy. Independent. August 22, 2014.
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In praise of Bedford; Let’s hear it for the UK’s most generous town.” Editorial. Guardian. August 22, 2014.

WEEKLY NEWS DIGEST (August 11-17, 2014)

Monday, August 18th, 2014



Private schooling no better than public in jobs market.” By Alexandra Smith and Amy McNeilage. Sydney Morning Herald. August 17, 2014.


Catholic Church recommends new redress scheme for child sex abuse victims.” By Rachel Browne. Sydney Morning Herald. August 12, 2014.


An Academy for the Elite Stirs a Culture Clash.” By Andrew Jacobs. New York Times. August 11, 2014.

Innovation societies gain popularity in China’s vocational colleges.” August 11, 2014.

1st Hope Primary School inaugurated in quake-hit area.” August 12, 2014.

“Volunteers teach children of migrant workers for free in Hebei.” August 12, 2014.

13 things you need to know before starting an NGO in China; Restrictions on charities are easing, but before you leap read our panel ‘s insights into the state of Chinese civil society.” By Anna Leach. Guardian. August 12, 2014.


NGOs losing the war against poverty and climate change, says Civicus head; Charities are no longer drivers of social change; for many saving the world has become big business. How did we lose our way?” By Dhananjayan Sriskandarajah. Guardian. August 12, 2014.


Grading of NGOs likely to be a game changer.” By Lubna Kably. Times of India. August 11, 2014.


Pope’s Trip to Highlight Vibrant South Korean Church; Rising Number of Catholics Offers Hopes for Asian Growth.” By Deborah Ball, Jonathan Cheng, and Jeyup S. Kwaak. Wall Street Journal. August 11, 2014.
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The Pope’s Asia Challenge; Pope to Visit South Korea as Catholic Church Tries to Make Inroads in Region With Few Members.” Wall Street Journal. August 13, 2014.
In Pope’s Trip to South Korea, Church Envisions Growth.” New York Times. August 13, 2014.
Pope Francis focuses on charity during ceremony in South Korea.” By Steven Borowiec. Los Angeles Times. August 17, 2014.


‘I wish my son had cancer’: how shock tactics raised my charity’s profile; The founder of a small charity explains why he has no regrets over launching a controversial advertising campaign: • Charity shock tactics – do they work? • Should charities use shock tactics?” By Alex Smith. Guardian. August 11, 2014.

Beveridge revisited: the 21st century evils; The Beveridge report revisited: where now for the welfare state? After unprecedented public spending cuts, we revisit Sir William Beveridge’s welfare state 70 years on and explore the modern evils that society professionals must battle and defeat; Sir William Beveridge created a blueprint the welfare state in the ashes of the second world war.” By David Brindle, Liam Kelly and Sam O’Neill. Guardian. July 7, 2014.
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Beveridge’s Bequest; Welfare reform is painfully slow, but it is vitally important.” Editorial. Times of London. August 12, 2014.

‘Financial triage’ to be offered at food banks; Trussell Trust hopes debt and money advice will help clients who are struggling to manage rising food and energy prices.” By Hilary Osborne. Guardian. August 12, 2014.

“‘We have a very stressful job anyway’: welfare reform hits voluntary services; A new report shows social care staff in Scotland are facing a bigger workload and higher levels of anxiety.” By Gregory White. Guardian. August 12, 2014.

Dispatches: is your charity’s telephone fundraising off the hook? A Channel 4 investigation has accused telephone fundraisers of using questionable practises. Vote in our poll and tell us your concerns: • How to raise money effectively through telephone fundraising; • ‘Telephone fundraising is crucial’.” By Aimee Meade. Guardian. August 12, 2014.

How to become a charity trustee; Looking to become a trustee but not sure where to begin? Leon Ward explains the process in a handful of simple steps: • Young charity trustees: what you need to know; • How to recruit top trustee talent.” By Leon Ward. Guardian. August 13, 2014.

Unilever: In search of the good business; For the second time in its 120-year history, Unilever is trying to redefine what it means to be a virtuous company.” Economist. August 13, 2014.

Vintage volunteers: can charities keep attracting an ageing population? A new survey offers some key insights into how charities can attract older volunteers in a changing society.” By Russell Hargrave. Guardian. August 15, 2014.

New survey shows FTSE 100 companies have increased charitable giving; Despite the effects of the recession, corporate giving has risen by £1.2bn since 2007. But people remain sceptical.” By Klara Kozlov. Guardian. August 15, 2014.

WEEKLY NEWS DIGEST (August 4-10. 2014)

Monday, August 11th, 2014



Child abuse recommendations ignored.” By Henrietta Cook and Jane Lee. Sydney Morning Herald. August 6, 2014.


221 mln yuan donated for SW China quake: Ministry.” August 6, 2014.


Gary Lineker: Fifa corruption allegations are ‘nauseating’; Ex-England striker Gary Lineker says corruption allegations around Fifa are “nauseating”, and has also criticised the role of its president Sepp Blatter. Fifa is investigating claims of wrongdoing relating to the decision to award Qatar the 2022 World Cup.” BBC News. August 4, 2014.


India ranked No. 8 on global list of multimillionaires; The latest wealth index by New World Wealth has ranked India 8th in the global rich list, below countries such as the US, China, Germany and the UK.” By Kounteya Sinha. Times of India. August 6, 2014.

2013 record for cadaver organ donation equalled.” Times of India. August 7, 2014.


Charity jobs: five things to consider before applying; Recently graduated or looking to move into the charity world? From starting points to selling your skill-set our inside experts share their top tips: • Moving to a charity was the best decision I ever made; • ‘Charities need to take risks with recruitment’; • Live Q&A: moving your career into the voluntary sector.” By Aimee Meade. Guardian. August 5, 2014.

13 ways to protect your NGO from hacking and surveillance; Internet security easily slips down the to-do list, but following our panel’s tips could protect you from a cyber catastrophe.” By Anna Leach. Guardian. August 5, 2014.

How Amnesty International took over dating app Tinder; As part of their women’s rights campaign, Amnesty International took a risk and left the power in the hands of the people – regardless of whether they swiped left or right: • How charities can use Snapchat; • 10 things your charity needs to know about social media; • Five things about Gen Y that charities need to know.” By Caroline Easter. Guardian. August 6, 2014.

The good causes of the famous ‘benefit themselves more than the charities’;
Research says star names do little to raise public awareness of campaigns
.” By
Emily Dugan. Independent. August 8, 2014.

Co-operative Group sets outs radical reform plans; Proposals broadly follow Lord Myners’ recommendations, apart from plans to allow three Co-op members on the board.” By Julia Kollewe and Jill Treanor. Guardian. August 8, 2014.

How much power should a charity patron like Tony Blair have? The former PM is accused of having an ‘inescapable’ presence at his foundation. But is that a good thing or bad? • Blair lambasted by former employee over role in charity; • ‘Employers need to get their talented staff on charity boards’; • ‘Charities need to do more to track governance performance‘.” By Asheem Singh. Guardian. August 8, 2014.

WEEKLY NEWS DIGEST (July 28-August 2, 2014)

Sunday, August 3rd, 2014



Charity fights for the rights of street children in Brazil; Claudia Cabral, founder of Terra dos Homens, on the social workers and psychologists trying to help 24,000 children in appalling conditions.” By Natricia Duncan. Guardian. July 30, 2014.

As Evangelical Clout Grows, Brazil May Face New Culture Wars.” All Things Considered/National Public Radio. August 1, 2014.


Archbishop, Under Fire Over Abuse, Apologizes but Says He Won’t Resign.” By Michael Paulson. New York Times. July 31, 2014.


Live Q&A: can civil society thrive in China? Despite restrictions loosening, Chinese civil society has limited freedoms and funding streams. Join our discussion on 7 August.” By Anna Leach. Guardian. August 1, 2014.


Masterworks vs. the Masses.” By Rachel Donadio. New York Times. July 29, 2014.


Local volunteers could get £200 off their council tax.” By Jill Sherman. Times of London. July 29, 2014.

Money-making schemes coming soon to a park near you – in pictures; From bee farms to digital maps: a new £1m project called Rethinking Parks is helping councils and communities find new ways to cash in on UK public spaces.” Guardian. July 29, 2014.

Ramadan philanthropy shows new sources of funding for charities; Today’s fundraisers need to look to different communities and cultures to maximise their donations, says Tony Elischer: • How to build a successful fundraising strategy from scratch; • Five things about Gen Y that charities need to know; • Five ways charities can engage long-term donors.” By Tony Elischer. Guardian. July 29, 2014.

The rich want us to believe their wealth is good for us all; As the justifications for gross inequality collapse, only the Green party is brave enough to take on the billionaires’ boot boys.” By George Monbiot. Guardian. July 30, 2014.

Oxfam posts £24m surplus for last year; Increase in donations and other income, tighter controls on costs and lower spending on humanitarian disasters bolster finances.” By Jill Treanor. Guardian. July 30, 2014.

Paying up: a closer look at the living wage and pay equality in the charity sector; Fewer than 1% of charities have registered as living wage employers, but those that do say it’s essential to ‘walk the talk’: • Should charities be as responsible as businesses for paying the living wage? • A guide to setting salary and wage levels for charity employees.” By Tim Smedley Guardian. August 1, 2014.

WEEKLY NEWS DIGEST (July 21-27, 2014)

Monday, July 28th, 2014



Temple in Brazil Appeals to a Surge in Evangelicals.” By Simon Romero. New York Times. July 25, 2014.


Number of ultra rich to rise to 3.43 lakh in 3 years: Report.” Times of India. July 24, 2014.

Centre rushes to SC to allow 80 private medical colleges admit students.” Times of India. July 25, 2014.


Tapping entrepreneurialism: MIT spinout Sanergy targeting clean sanitation for all of Kenya (and beyond).” By Kareva Saleh. Boston Globe. July 21, 2014.


10 things your charity needs to know about social media; From uncovering secret formulas and engaging ageing audiences, to trend-setting and sleep-tweeting, here are our experts’ tips on social media for charities: • 10 years on: what role will social media play? • Five social media charity campaigns you need to know about; • How social media can change the face of fundraising.” By Aimee Meade. Guardian. July 21, 2014.

Anti-West rants of Trojan Horse teachers” By Dnncan Gardham and Greg Hurst. Times of London. July 22, 2014.
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Birmingham schools ‘feel like the Balkans’, says Labour; Liam Byrne says city needs to move on after ‘Trojan horse’ affair and tells Nicky Morgan to not repeat ‘divisive rhetoric’ of Gove.” Guardian. July 22, 2014.
Schools face new curbs on extremism after Birmingham Trojan horse affair; Education secretary Nicky Morgan announces reforms after Peter Clarke’s damning report on Muslim extremist infiltration.” By Patrick Wintour. Guardian. July 22, 2014.
Report Cites ‘Aggressive’ Islamic Push in British City’s Schools.” By Katrin Bennhold. New York Times. July 23, 2014.
How to tame a Trojan horse; Extremism in Birmingham schools poses a conundrum for reformers.” Economist. July 26, 2014.

How to build a successful fundraising strategy from scratch; Make sure your message is clear, target your donors and encourage them to stay with you – Angela Cluff explains how to set up a fundraising strategy: • Ebay and online retail for charities – top tips; • Five things about Gen Y that charities need to know; • 5 tricks to make a big impact with your small charity.” By Angela Cluff. Guardian. July 23, 2014.

Children’s cancer charity under investigation; Charity commission freezes bank accounts of Families Against Neuroblastoma, which raised money for treatment abroad.” By Sarah Boseley. Guardian. July 23, 2014.

“Fighting the battle: charities working in conflict zones – in pictures; As war plagues the world, we highlight how charities are helping victims, whether it be through martial arts, providing sanitation or teaching new skills.” By Aimee Meade, Callum Majek Ohara, and Charlotte Seager. Guardian. July 25, 2014.

Tony Blair Faith Foundation is anything but ‘mysterious’.” Guardian. July 25, 2014.

Cameron’s Big Society in tatters as charity watchdog investigates ‘cronyism’ ; Exclusive: Cameron’s Big Society in tatters as charity watchdog launches investigation into claims of Government funding misuse; The organisation was given at least £2.5 million of National Lottery funding and public-sector grants despite having no record of charitable activity.” By Oliver Wright. Independent. July 26, 2014.
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Big Society Network under investigation over ‘funding misuse’; Watchdog examining whether charity set up to lead David Cameron’s initiative used funds to pay debts of linked company.” Guardian. July 27, 2014.