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WEEKLY NEWS DIGEST (May 12-18, 2014)

Tuesday, May 20th, 2014



OP-ED: Militarised Humanitarianism in Africa.” By Joeva Rock. Interpress Service ( May 16, 2014.


More than a worthy cause.” By Lesley Parker. Sydney Morning Herald. May 15, 2014.


Picasso Museum’s President Is Dismissed.” By Doreen Carvajal. New York Times. May 14, 2014.


Inequality and Democracy: In this Column, ROBERTO SAVIO, founder and president emeritus of Inter Press Service (IPS), writes on persistent inequality and the failure of “trickle down” economy.” By Roberto Savio. Interpress Service ( May 16, 2014.


Even More Free Schools: The Lib Dems say Michael Gove has raided his budget to divert money to free schools. To avoid this, let schools turn a profit.” Editorial. Times of London. May 12, 2014.
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Treasury ‘concerns’ over costs of Michael Gove’s free schools.” Independent. May 12, 2014.
Michael Gove warned to bring free schools spending under control; Concerns expressed by senior Treasury officials and at ministerial level over the cost of free schools.” By Rowena Mason. Guardian. May 12, 2014.
Free schools row rumbles on among coalition; Liberal Democrats’ president Tim Farron says Michael Gove must prioritise creation of local authority primary school places.” By Rowena Mason. Guardian. May 13, 2014.

Stop the corporatisation of charities: We musn’t lose our heart in the bid to quash public perceptions of us as ‘amateur do-gooders’, says Gemma Borwick:• Five ways small charities can be more business-like; • Charities need to recognise their worth and start thinking like businesses.” By Gemma Borwick. Guardian. May 12, 2014.

Key Co-op board member backs reform plan.” By Miles Costello. Times of London. May 13, 2014.
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The Co-operative must not miss chance to help tackle the UK’s food crisis; Could we encourage the Co-op Group to sell its 18,000 acres of farmland to members rather than big business, asks Jim Lee: • Co-op farms could be sold to China as hopes of community buyouts die; • What should the Co-operative Group’s next steps forward involve?Guardian. May 14, 2014.
Co-op Group members to vote on governance restructure.” By Joe Miller. BBC News. May 17, 2014.

Successful charities should pay well enough to attract excellent executives; The issue of charity chief executive pay will remain difficult until the sector explains itself, says Borge Andreassen: • Charities told to publish CEO’s pay to earn public trust; • The reality of a charity chief executive’s role; • The Good Pay Guide: how to set your chief executive’s pay.” By Borge Andreassen. Guardian. May 13, 2014.

A guide to setting salary and wage levels for charity employees; Setting pay ratios for your workforce can be tough – many factors can affect it. Richard Williams explains where to begin: • Charities should pay enough to attract best executives; • The reality of a charity chief executive’s role; • Charities have problems, but executive pay is hardly the worst; • Charities are told to publish CEO’s pay to earn public trust.” By Richard Williams. Guardian. May 14, 2014.

Bond NGO awards celebrate collaboration in complex times; Fear of the corporate world can deter co-operation but as winners show, partnership is key to success and impact.” By Ben Jackson. Guardian. May 14, 2014.

Colet Court: ‘It was a world where dark deeds might have gone unchecked’.” By Adam Barnard. Times of London. May 15, 2014.

Stephen Sutton, inspirational cancer charity fundraiser, dies in his sleep; Sutton, who raised more than £3.2m for Teenage Cancer Trust, died peacefully on Wednesday morning, his family says.” By Mark Tran and Peter Walker. Guardian. May 15, 2014.
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“Stephen Sutton Dies From Cancer At 19 After Doing More Good Than Most Of Us Ever Will.” Huffington Post/Reuters. May 17, 2014.

Inside Park View academy: Religion row school ‘is victim of its success’; Pupils and teachers at the Birmingham education success story investigated over alleged Islamist plot say claims are ‘ludicrous’.” By Richard Adams. Guardian. May 15, 2014.

Working on strategic plans for businesses; When the going gets tough, a business model often needs rewriting. But what happens when you change the framework within a not-for-profit entity?” By Sue George. Guardian. May 15, 2014.

Ofsted abandons inspection of Luton school after homosexuality row; Parents of pupils at Muslim school Olive Tree primary say inspectors questioned children about attitudes to homosexuality,” By Richard Adams. Guardian. May 16, 2014.

Do Maude, Grayling and Osborne get social enterprise? Let’s help them; We’re preaching to the converted and as the election nears we need to use our resources more wisely, says Jonathan Jenkins: • Campaign for a social economy: We have a critical window to influence party manifestos.Guardian. By Jonathan Jenkins. Guardian. May 16, 2014.

Five ways charities can attract rich donors; They don’t like being approached at dinner parties, and they’d rather meet with a front-line member of staff than a fundraiser: • Top tweets: fundraising for the future; • What role will fundraisers play in the future of charities?” By Beth Breeze and Theresa Lloyd. Guardian. May 16, 2014.

Salary ratios: how charities are approaching fair pay; Citizens Advice, Médecins Sans Frontières and Reprieve say watching the wage gap between highest and lowest paid staff is a high priority: • How to guide: setting salary and wage levels; • Charities should pay enough to attract excellent executives; • The reality of a charity chief executive’s role; • Charities told to publish CEO’s pay to earn public trust.” By Becky Slack. Guardian. May 15, 2014.

Britain’s richest 1% own as much as poorest 55% of population; ONS figures reveal growing wealth disparity and north-south divide, with nation’s top 10% owning 44% of household wealth.” By Phillip Inman. Guardian. May 17, 2014.
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Britain’s richest 1,000 see ‘phenomenal rise’ in personal wealth.” By Tony Bonnici. Guardian. May 18, 2014.

What support do voluntary and community groups need from their local infrastructure? – live Q&A; Local organisations are picking up the pieces left by cuts – as part of an inquiry into how they can be supported, join our live Q&A on Friday 23 May 12–1.30pm.” By Aimee Meade. Guardian. May 17, 2014.

Universities receive record number of donations; The number of donors giving to universities and of alumni giving back to higher education institutions has risen in the last year.” By Abby Young-Powell and Michael Allen. Guardian. May 17, 2014.

WEEKLY NEWS DIGEST (May 5-11, 2014)

Monday, May 12th, 2014



Shining a light on charities.” By Michael Short. Sydney Morning Herald. May 6, 2014.


Vatican Defrocked 848 Priests for Child Abuse; Numbers Given to U.N. Committee Looking Into Whether Sexual Abuse Could Be Torture.” By Liam Moloney. Wall Street Journal. May 7, 2014.
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Vatican Tells of 848 Priests Ousted in Decade.” New York Times. May 7, 2014.
Vatican Has Defrocked 848 Priests For Abuse Charges Since 2004: Report.” By John Heilprin and Nicole Winfield. Huffington Post. May 7, 2014.
UN Committee Grills Vatican Officials On Sex Abuse.” All Things Considered/
National Public Radio. May 7, 2014.
Celibacy not a factor in child abuse, says brother.” Sydney Morning Herald. May 8, 2014.
A Voice For Abuse Survivors Within The Catholic Church.” Morning Edition/ National Public Radio. May 11, 2014.


Bringing Civil Society into Development Effectiveness.” By Rajesh Tandon. Interpress Service ( May 9, 2014.


Some hospitals beat five-star hotels in luxury, and tariffs too.” By John Sarkar. Times of India. May 6, 2014.


Big budgets, little oversight in war zones.” By Scott Higham, Jessica Schulberg and Steven Rich. Washington Post. May 5, 2014.


Myners condemns Co-op culture of entitlement.” By Miles Costello. Times of London. May 7, 2014.
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Former Co-op bank boss Paul Flowers arrives at court to face drug charges; Methodist minister is charged with possessing drugs including cocaine and crystal meth.” By Helen Pidd. Guardian. May 7, 2014.
Group Think: The Co-op has no option other than to accept Lord Myners’ recommendations.” Editorial. Times of London. May 8, 2014.
“‘Crystal Methodist’ pleads guilty over drug charges; Former Co-op boss Paul Flowers admits possessing Class A drugs.” Independent. May 8, 2014.
Campaign for a social economy: We have a critical window to influence party manifestos; Social Value Taskforces and initiatives to address youth unemployment were among 70 big ideas put forward by the Social Economy Alliance to a cross-party panel of politicians.” By Peter Holbrook. Guardian. May 7, 2014.

How to manage your small charity’s finances – top tips; It isn’t easy but with teamwork and research, a small charity can manage its finances without a director, says Judith Miller: • Read more how-to guides for small charities.” By Judith Miller. Guardian. May 7, 2014.

“One year until General Election 2015: what charity leaders want; From simplification of tax regimes to a promise that 10% of new government contracts will go the social sector, leaders tell us their top asks: • Seven ways to lobby for world change; • Lobbying bill: five key points; • The charity sector – in 10 years time
.” By Aimee Meade. Guardian. May 7, 2014.

“‘Ideological zealot’ Gove accused of cash raid to fund his free school ‘pet project’.” By Sonia Elks. Times of London. May 11, 2014.
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Michael Gove’s ‘lunatic’ £400m raid to rescue his free schools vision; Coalition tensions escalate as Liberal Democrats confirm highly damaging leaked information from senior government source.” By Toby Helm and Daniel Boffey. Observer. May 11, 2014.

WEEKLY NEWS DIGEST (April 28-May 4, 2014)

Tuesday, May 6th, 2014



Rich families should have to pay to attend public schools, report says.” By Alexandra Smith. Sydney Morning Herald. April 29, 2014.

Paul Ramsay, Australian billionaire leaves $3bn fortune to charity after death; Paul Ramsay’s health empire made him one of the richest men in the country.” By Lizzie Dearden. Independent (UK). May 2, 2014.

Paul Ramsay’s billions left to charity.” By Jessica Gardner. Sydney Morning Herald. May 2, 2014.


Perth Royal Commission sex abuse witnesses slam Slater & Gordon.” By Aleisha Orr. Sydney Morning Herald. April 30, 2014.

Vatican panel on sexual abuse meets, plans to tackle church coverups.” By Tom Kington. Los Angeles Times. May 4, 2014.


Bill Gates urges China’s wealthiest to give to charity; Businessman makes plea in People’s Daily for country to improve bad philanthropic record by investing in the poor.” By Jonathan Kaiman. Guardian. April 28, 2014.

Philanthropy: China’s Carnegie; Jack Ma’s establishment of a new charitable foundation offers his country an important opportunity.” Economist. May 3, 2014.


Political funding, spending still remain opaque.” By Manoj Mitta. Times of India. April 29, 2014.

In election season, India competes with campaigns’ ‘black money’; In this year’s hotly contested national election, officials say, dirty money is out of control. India’s election commission is tracking cash seized by election observers nationally for the first time and have so far seized $45 million of illegal cash, a jump of about 31 percent compared to elections five years ago. Over five million gallons of illegal liquor has been seized. Security officials check every passing vehicle for evidence of black money or illegal alcohol, in Ludhiana, in the northern state of Punjab, India.” By Rama Lakshmi. Washington Post. May 3, 2014.


Russian Parliament Approves New Law Restricting the Internet; Sweeping Controls on the Internet and Blogging Will Tighten the Kremlin’s Grip on the Media.” By Olga Razumovskaya. Wall Street Journal. April 30, 2014.


Seven ways to make sure your charity is lobbying for world change; From fox-hunting bans to climate change laws, Becky Jarvis from 38 Degrees explains what makes a charity campaign tick.” By Becky Jarvis. Guardian. April 28, 2014.

Social impact: can it be demonstrated? Demonstrating social value is not as expensive and time-consuming as some people may think; Does the secret to social impact measurement lie in algorithmic data?” By David Floyd. Guardian. April 29, 2014.

Charity leaders need to play to their strengths – and get help with the rest; In this month’s entry, our Clore Social Leadership fellow explains what she hopes to achieve by hiring a personal assistant.” By Eugenie Teasley. Guardian. April 29, 2014.

Food poverty: Mail ‘backlash’ donations surge past £100k; Public dismay at a Mail on Sunday ‘expose’ of food bank ‘fraud’ has triggered £107,000 in donations for the Trussell Trust food bank charity.” By Patrick Butler. Guardian. April 29, 2014.

NCVO tells charities to publish chief executives’ pay to earn public trust; Voluntary bodies should go beyond legal requirements and reveal remuneration by name and position, says umbrella group.” By Aimee Meade. Guardian. April 29, 2014.

What inspired you to start a social enterprise? Leaders from across the sector tell us why they decided to set up their social business.” By Charlotte Seager. Guardian. April 30, 2014.

Five ways small charities can be more business-like; In today’s tough climate, some say charities must act more like businesses. From managing talent to taking risks, here’s how.” By Ethan Ohs. Guardian. April 30, 2014.

Abuse claims against 18 teachers by ex-pupils at top public school.” By Andrew Norfolk. Times of London. May 1, 2014.

Raking over Co-op’s ruins.” By Robert Lea. Times of London. May 1, 2014.

Stephen Sutton and Malala show teens can be real charity campaign champs; After a week in which a cancer sufferer’s fundraising reached £3m, we look at the secret of young people’s success.” Guardian. May 3, 2014.

“Stephen Sutton and Malala show teens can be real charity campaign champs; After a week in which a cancer sufferer’s fundraising reached £3m, we look at the secret of young people’s success: • How-to guide: embracing young volunteers; • Vital charity work needs to harness a great power – children; • • Young people should be at the forefront of charity campaigns.” By Charlotte Seager. Guardian. May 2, 2014.

Stephen Sutton and Malala show teens can be real charity campaign champs; After a week in which a cancer sufferer’s fundraising reached £3m, we look at the secret of young people’s success: • How-to guide: embracing young volunteers; • Vital charity work needs to harness a great power – children; • Young people should be at the forefront of charity campaigns.” By Charlotte Seager. Guardian. May 2, 2014.

Social enterprise tackles housing crisis, with a leg-up from TV’s George Clarke; The founder of the Empty Homes Doctor service explains how it fills in the gaps between councils, owners and local businesses.” By Rob Greenland. Guardian. May 2, 2014.

Social impact bonds: is the dream over? As the government announces its first Sib is to have its funding model reconfigured, we ask five experts what the future holds: • Sponsored: social investment – how can you get involved? • We weren’t achieving potential before social impact bond, says charity; • British social impact investing has left the US playing catch-up.” By Claudia Cahalane. Guardian. May 2, 2014.

Islam school plot ‘spreads to other cities’.” By Greg Hurst. Times of London. May 3, 2014 .

Free schools: Head teachers’ union says pupils ‘learnt nothing all term’ and calls for controls to end ‘waste of millions’; Conference calls for shorter summer breaks to combat ‘learning loss’ and travel agent rip-offs.” By Richard Garner. Independent. May 4, 2014.

Abuse in Britain’s boarding schools: why I decided to confront my demons; For generations of boys, sexual abuse was part of the everyday cruelty of boarding school. In this painfully honest report, writer Alex Renton confronts the demons of his past at Ashdown House, where some of Britain’s most powerful men were also educated – and reveals the scale of the outrage about to engulf the private education system.” By Alex Renton. Guardian. May 4, 2014.

How charities can balance innovation and financial risk – top tips; Charities need to make innovation and development part of their DNA and understand that risks need to be taken, say our expert panel: • Charities must innovate and take risks to create change; • How can charities balance innovation and risk?” By Aimee Meade. Guardian. May 4, 2014.

Providence House: from mods to rappers, a haven for London’s ‘little rogues’; Near London’s Clapham Junction, a home from home for young people charts the history of urban Britain and the teenager, and proves that the idea and value of the ‘youth club’ lives on.” By Yvonne Roberts. Guardian. May 4, 2014.

Archbishop of Canterbury defends faith schools.” BBC. May 4, 2014.

WEEKLY NEWS DIGEST (April 21-27, 2014)

Monday, April 28th, 2014



Does Church have a poll role?” By Derek O’Brien. Times of India. April 25, 2014.

Ramdev trusts under I-T scanner.” No by-line. Times of India. April 25, 2014.


Red Cross Official Describes Challenges Facing Humanitarian Organizations.” By Joanie D. Timmins. Harvard Crimson. April 24, 2014.

Russia ‘Liquidating’ Civil Society.” By Pavol Stracansky. Interpress Service ( April 26, 2014.


Cameron ‘risks division’ with claim of a Christian Britain.” Times of London. April 21, 2014.
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“Is Britain really a land of God? Furious debate after David Cameron claims we are a Christian country; David Cameron’s assertion that we are a Christian country has ignited a furious debate about the place of the Church in our national life and cultural identity.” By Cahal Milmo. Independent. April 22, 2014.
Britain a ‘Christian country’? Careful there, prime minister!Los Angeles Times. April 24, 2014.
Even Christianity is not really Christian.” Times of London. April 27, 2014.
Britain’s state of faith: What started this war of the pulpits, for heaven’s sake? The recent fuss has all the hallmarks of cynical electioneering.” Independent. April 27, 2014.
Britain is a ‘post-Christian’ country says former Archbishop; Lord Williams retired from being the leader of the Church of England in 2012.” BBC. April 27, 2014.

Stephen Sutton donations pass £2m mark and continue to rise; Efforts of 19-year-old with inoperable cancer lead to almost 200,000 people giving to Teenage Cancer Trust.” By Peter Walker. Guardian. April 26, 2014.
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Terminally ill teenager Stephen Sutton reaches £1m target for charity; 19-year-old, who had bucket list of things to do before dying, including helping Teenage Cancer Trust, gives ‘final thumbs up’.” Guardian/Press Association. April 24, 2014.
Cancer blogger donations smash records at £2.5m.” By David Rankin. Times of London. April 27, 2014.

Donations to food banks surge after Mail on Sunday criticism.” No by-line. Independent. April 22, 2014.

Two million poorest families hit by welfare reforms, says Oxfam.” By Oliver Wright. Independent. April 22, 2014.

Welfare cuts drive UK’s poorest families deeper into poverty, says Oxfam; Survey points to effect of overall cut in value of benefits as well as changes to housing benefit and council tax support.” By Katie Allen. Guardian. April 22, 2014.

“‘Social business combines my passions: fabulous pants and human rights’; After reading a Guardian article about social enterprises in 2006, Becky John decided to scratch her activism itch by founding Who Made Your Pants?” By Becky John. Guardian. April 22, 2014.

Why those working in charities need to adopt an activist mentality; For Liam Barrington-Bush, the charity sector is far too muted when it comes to campaigning.” Guardian. April 22, 2014.

Is celebrity involvement with social enterprise a good thing? Lily Cole, Hugh Jackman and Emma Watson are all joining the sector, but not everyone is excited about celebrity endorsements.” By Charlotte Seager. Guardian. April 23, 2014.

How-to guide: campaigning for small charities; A little know-how and direction can make a big difference when it comes to influencing policymakers; Why those working in charities need to adopt an activist mentality.” By Charlotte Taylor. Guardian. April 23, 2014.

Labour set to withdraw from Co-op Bank.” By Susan Thompson and Sam Coates. Times of London. April 24, 2014.

Exclusive: Bankrupt Cameron crony was victim of $2bn Venezuelan bond scam; Could it be the reason behind Tony Caplin’s debts of more than £3m?” By Oliver Wright. Independent. April 24, 2014.

Have the homeless become invisible? Video shows people walking past their loved ones ‘living’ on the street; The Make them Visible campaign demonstrates just how invisible homeless people have become.” By Heather Saul. Independent. April 24, 2014.

Is the future role of social enterprise to foster compassionate capitalism? Our expert panel discuss the role of social enterprise in society, and the values of social business.” By Charlotte Seager. Guardian. April 24, 2014.

Vote in our poll: is Islamic extremism a threat to charities? William Shawcross has said that Islamic extremism is a ‘deadly’ problem for charities – do you agree or disagree? Vote in our poll.” By Aimee Meade. Guardian. April 24, 2014.

Cross Purposes: The British compromise between church and state is peculiar, irrational and anachronistic, and serves us well.” No by-line. Times of London. April 25 2014.
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Coalition split on the role of the church.” By Laura Pitel. Times of London. April 25, 2014.
David Cameron rejects Nick Clegg’s call for separation of church and state.” By Andrew Grice. Independent. April 24, 2014.

How charity chief executives can use social media to help their organisation; As nominations open for the Top 30 Charity chief executives on Social Media awards, Zoe Amar asks why being online is crucial.” By Zoe Amar. Guardian. April 25, 2014.

NHS could be ‘carved open’ by US healthcare profiteers, warns Shadow Health Secretary Andy Burnham; Campaign groups join call for health service to be exempted from landmark trade treaty between America and the EU.” By Charlie Cooper. Independent. April 27, 2014.


The pope as a turnaround CEO; The Francis effect; About to take over a crisis-ridden company with a demoralised workforce? Turn to a Roman case study.” Economist. April 22, 2014.

WEEKLY NEWS DIGEST (April 14-20, 2014)

Monday, April 21st, 2014



No evidence to support Salvation Army officer’s claim he confessed act of child sex abuse to police, royal commission told.” By Paul Bibby. Sydney Morning Herald. April 15, 2014.


Chinese civil society: Beneath the glacier; In spite of a political clampdown, a flourishing civil society is taking hold.” Economist. April 12, 2014.


Civil Society Wants More Influence in New Development Agenda.” By Emilio Godoy. Interpress Service ( April 18, 2014.


Indigenous leaders empowering communities through social enterprise; Initiatives such as a healing centre in the Amazon forest are helping indigenous groups protect and manage their own land.” By Claudia Cahalane. Guardian. April 14, 2014.

Charities need to hand over their message to their community; Friends of the Earth’s director of fundraising discusses how involving your community can transform your charity.” By Joe Jenkins. Guardian. April 14, 2014.

“Charities need us to embrace the unsexy side of giving; Raising money doesn’t have to be extravagant or conspicuous – all those direct debits and coins in a jar make a huge difference.” By Hannah Jane Parkinson. Guardian. April 14, 2014.

Co-op staff tell board it’s jeopardising their jobs.” By Miles Costello. Times of London. April 15, 2014.
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Co-op’s would-be saviour turns on critics.” By Miles Costello and Andrew Clark. Guardian. April 15 2014.
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“Paul Flowers charged: Disgraced former Co-op Bank chief faces possession of drugs charges; Flowers charged with two counts of possession of Class A drugs – cocaine and methamphetamine – and one count of possession of Class C drug ketamine.” By Rob Williams. Independent. April 16, 2014.
Co-op heralds ‘wake-up call’ of £2.5bn loss.” By Miles Costello. Times of London. April 17, 2014.
“Co-operative Group posts record £2.5bn loss after ‘disastrous year’; Interim chief says losses highlight ‘fundamental failings in management and governance’ at the Co-Op.Independent. April 17, 2014.
Co-op Group loses £2.5bn after ‘fundamental failings in management and governance’; Interim chief executive Richard Pennycock describes the financial losses, mostly due to Co-op Bank, as a ‘wake-up call’.” By Rupert Neate. Guardian. April 17, 2014.

How ethical businesses bring communities together – case studies; From volunteer-run newspapers to community tourism projects, we look at a range of social enterprises that are bringing communities together.” By Charlotte Seager. Guardian. April 15, 2014.

Charities must innovate and take risks to create change; There is always a risk that new ideas may not work, but if charities are not testing and learning they are not moving forward, says Lucy Gower.” By Lucy Gower. Guardian. April 15, 2014.

The food poverty scandal that shames Britain: Nearly 1m people rely on handouts to eat – and benefit reforms may be to blame; 600 religious leaders from all denominations combine to condemn 163 per cent increase in food bank use in past year.” By Emily Dugan. Independent. April 16, 2014.
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Hunger is a ‘national crisis’, religious leaders tell Cameron; Religious leaders and faith groups ask David Cameron, Ed Miliband and Nick Clegg to tackle the causes of food poverty.” By Patrick Butler. Guardian. April 16, 2014.

Michael Gove under fire for appointing anti-terror expert to investigate alleged Islamic extremist plot to take over Birmingham schools.” By Paul Peachey. Independent. April 16, 2014.

The best social enterprise Easter eggs – taste test; We asked six judges from the sector to vote for the tastiest chocolate egg this year. Can you guess which chocolate treat took the crown?” By Charlotte Seager. Guardian. April 16, 2014.

How-to guide: how small charities can tackle rebranding; With your supporters help, small charities can tackle rebranding as much as the next charity.” By Rachel Bhageerutty. Guardian. April 16, 2014.

I have felt healing power of the church, says Cameron.” By Laura Pitel. Times of London. April 17, 2014.
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David Cameron: I am evangelical about Christian faith; Prime minister criticises some non-believers for failing to see that faith can give people a ‘moral code’.” By Rowena Mason. Guardian. April 17, 2014.

This schools inquiry has nothing to do with the police; The West Midlands force refuses to take Islamist extremism seriously.” By Stephen Pollard. Times of London. April 17, 2014.

Britain’s church and state should divorce: it would set them both free; I welcome the debate about the church that David Cameron has prompted, but it’s time we embraced disestablishment.” By Owen Jones. Guardian. April 17, 2014.

As the online social businesses market becomes more crowded, Annika Small and Dan Sutch outline six steps on growing your digital business.” By Annika Small and Dan Sutch. Guardian. April 17, 2014.

Five ways charities use gamification; Charities are using gaming, such as researching cancer cures through an app, to increase the reach of their message.” By Kirsty Marrins. Guardian. April 17, 2014.

Police arrest four former teaching assistants from ‘Trojan Horse’ school; Women held as part of fraud investigation which detectives insist is not linked to alleged Islamist takeover plot in Birmingham.” By Helen Pidd. Guardian. April 18, 2014.

Magdalene women win compensation at last.” By Frances Gibb. Times of London. April 19, 2014.

Top tips: how charities can attract graduates into the sector; We round up expert advice from our recent Q&A on how the voluntary sector can compete and attract talented graduates.” By Aimee Meade. Guardian. April 19, 2014.

Bankrupt quango head steps down.” By Sonia Elks. Times of London. April 20, 2014.

How can charities balance innovation and risk? – live discussion; Join us on Wednesday 23 April between 12pm and 1.30pm to discuss how charities can tackle financial risk yet stay ahead.” By Lizzi Easterbrook. Guardian. April 20, 2014.

WEEKLY NEWS DIGEST (April 7-13, 2014)

Monday, April 14th, 2014



Pope Asks Forgiveness for Sex Abuse by Priests; ‘The Church Is Aware of This Damage,’ Francis Says.” By Liam Moloney. Wall Street Journal. April 11, 2014.
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Pope Takes Responsibility in Priests’ Abuse Scandal.” By Elizabeth Povoledo. New York Times. April 12, 2014.


IFC-Negotiated Privately Run Hospital Sapping Lesotho Budget.” By Carey L. Biron. Interpress Service ( April 8, 2014.


The millionaire and the island nation: Eccentric mogul Felix Dennis to buy one laptop for every child in St Vincent and the Grenadines.” By Ian Burrell. Independent (UK). April 8, 2014.


Caroline Murphy – the acceptable face of capitalism: ‘Why I wanted my £40m to go to the staff’; The Chris Blackhurst Interview: Caroline Murphy is an outspoken champion of left-wing causes. She is also one of Britain’s richest women. So does that make her a champagne socialist? No, this is someone who puts her principles first.” By Chris Blackhurst. Independent. April 7, 2014.

F*ck the poor?” By Christopher Hooton. Independent. April 7, 2014.

What should the Co-operative Group’s next steps forward involve? We asked a selection of leading co-operative figures to share their views on possible new directions for the Co-op Group.” By Sally Brammall. Guardian. April 7, 2014.
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Co-operative Group in turmoil as Myners quits board.Times of London. April 10, 2014.
Lord Myners quits Co-Op group after opposition to his reforms; The peer had previously said the group must take urgent steps to reform a ‘massive failure’ of governance or it will go bust.” Independent. April 9, 2014.
‘The departure of Lord Myners feels like another nail in the Co-op’s own coffin‘.” By Craig Dearden-Phillips: The departure of Paul Myners from the Co-operative Group comes as no surprise.” Guardian. April 10, 2014.
Co-op Bank reclaims £31,000 from Flowers as losses hit £1.3bn.Times of London. April 11, 2014.
Co-op boss in line for £4.6m as bank losses hit £1.3bn; Chief executive Niall Booker was paid £1.7m in 2013 and will be be paid another £2.9m this year, provided he can turn the troubled bank around.” Guardian. April 11, 2014.

Young people should be at the forefront of charity campaigns; Charities can learn a lot from the FGM campaign, which has been successfully fronted by a young person, says Leon Ward.” By Leon Ward. Guardian. April 7, 2014.

The women striving ahead in the social enterprise sector; The chief executive of Belu Water offers her thoughts on what inspires women to work for social businesses.” By Karen Lynch. Guardian. April 8, 2014.

Vital charity work needs to harness a source of great power – children; Volunteer and 16-year-old Emma Coleman explains the power of young people and why charities need to make the most of their influence.” By Emma Coleman. Guardian. April 8, 2014.

Police look into ‘decades of abuse’ at top school.” By Andrew Norfolk. Times of London. April 9 2014.

Need for food banks is caused by welfare cuts, research shows; Report warns that as social security safety nets become weaker, charity provision could replace state-funded schemes.” By Patrick Butler. Guardian. April 9, 2014.
Skoll World Forum: as it happens – Live: We bring you the latest news, tweets and updates from the 2014 Skoll World Forum for social entrepreneurship.” By Charlotte Seager and Sally Brammall. Guardian. April 9, 2014.

How charities can empower their service users – a case study: When gave Polly Mehta the chance to ask an expert anything she wanted about her disease, she had no idea how empowered she would be.” By Polly Mehta. Guardian. April 9, 2014.

How-to guide: embracing young volunteers; Young people get dismissed as too unskilled for volunteering, but charities should support them to safeguard their future.” By Rebecca Brookman. Guardian. April 9, 2014.

Jesus invented the Big Society, says David Cameron.” By Ruth Gledhill. Guardian. April 10, 2014.
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David Cameron: ‘Jesus invented the Big Society – I’m just continuing God’s work’; Prime Minister spoke to Christian leaders assembled in Downing Street – after listening to an unfortunately-timed rendition of ‘Ave Maria’.” By Adam Withnall. Independent. April 10, 2014.

There is too much talk and not enough action in the charity sector; Voluntary sector fundraisers must take bigger risks if they want to lead radically innovative campaigns.” Guardian. April 10, 2014.

Government contractors begin to realise public trust is an end in itself; Private firms delivering public services recognise the need to stop hiding behind commercial confidentiality.” By Jim Bligh. Guardian. April 11, 2014.

Falling at the first hurdle: marathon fundraising passes small charities by Getting onto the starting line at the London Marathon is almost impossible for small charities, says Allison Ogden-Newton.” By Allison Ogden-Newton. Guardian. April 11, 2014.

WEEKLY NEWS DIGEST (March 31-April 6, 2014)

Tuesday, April 8th, 2014



Independent Schools Victoria slams Gonski education funding model.” By Benjamin Preiss and Konrad Marshall. Sydney Morning Herald. April 4, 2014.


Vatican Opens Investigation of Scottish Cardinal Over Sex-Abuse Claims; Cardinal Keith O’Brien Resigned Last Year, Later Admitting ‘Sexual Misconduct’.” By Deborah Ball. Wall Street Journal. April 5, 2014.
Sex Abuse Cost The U.S. Catholic Church Nearly $3 Billion According To Report By Bishops Conference.” Huffington Post. April 5, 2014.


NGO leader accuses AAP of killing internal Lokpal mechanism.Times of India. April 1, 2014.


How Europe defines religious freedom.” Economist. April 1, 2014.


Tanzania’s Farming Cooperatives Struggle to Bear Fruit.” By Adam Bemma. Interpress Service ( April 4, 2014.


Without the Independent Living Fund, it’s a bad time to be disabled; The ILF was a beacon of good practice that allowed us to live as active members of society. Its passing will leave us in the shadows.” By Jane Campbell. Guardian. March 31, 2014.

Public sector cuts: an opportunity to start a public sector spin-out? Public sector spin-outs are rapidly making a name for themselves as a reaction to public sector cuts.” By Craig Dearden-Phillips. Guardian. March 31, 2014.

From Prince William to Scarlett Johansson: how charities can recruit, retain and distance celebrity supporters; Celebrity ambassadors can increase awareness of your charity’s cause and message, but they can also bring reputational risk.” By Alex Goldup. Guardian. March 31, 2014.

Take politics out of food bank debate, says Tory MP as inquiry is launched; We cannot rely on anecdotes, hearsay and unsubstantiated statistics, says John Glen at launch of inquiry into food poverty.” By Nicholas Watt. Guardian. April 2, 2014.

Charity Commission: what’s next? After a year of controversy, spats and soul searching, Hannah Fearn investigates the next move for the Charity Commission.” By Hannah Fearn. Guardian. April 2, 2014.

Charles Fraser: ‘I’d rather be here now than in 1980 when no one gave a damn’; Despite his anger at public sector cuts, the outgoing head of St Mungo’s homelessness charity feels funding is better than 30 years ago.” By Hannah Fearn. Guardian. April 2, 2014.

Muslim groups are putting their faith in food banks to help tackle poverty; Once a preserve of Christian charities, Muslim-run food banks are now catering for diverse communities in need.” By Adam Forrest. Guardian. April 2, 2014.

How-to guide: public relations for charities on a shoestring budget; David Hamilton explains that even small charities with limited funds can manage their PR successfully.” By David Hamilton. Guardian. April 2, 2014.

Five social media charity campaigns you need to know about; From Movember to #nomakeupselfie, Zoe Amar compiles the top five campaigns and explains how they were achieved.” By Zoe Amar. Guardian. April 3, 2014.

Three are arrested amid claims of fraud at one of the Government’s flagship academy schools.” By Jonathan Brown. Independent. April 4, 2014.

“‘I believe the future of business is social’; The founder of Pure Social Enterprise speaks to us about why he decided to start up a social enterprise.” By Kevin Cheeseman. Guardian. April 4, 2014.

Top tips: how charities can communicate effectively with the media; Press coverage can have a huge impact on both funding and the work of charities, but it isn’t easy to impress the media. Becky Slack explores the characteristics of effective media relations.” By Becky Slack. Guardian. April 4, 2014.

MPs condemn charities watchdog as ‘not fit for purpose’; Charity Commission failed to act robustly to deal with abuse, public accounts committee finds.” Guardian/Press Association. April 5, 2014.

Ofsted to visit 12 schools over claims of extremism.” Times of London. April 6, 2014.

Michael Gove’s bid to limit fallout from failing free schools – revealed; Secret document for academies minister Lord Nash outlines strategy to ‘step in fast to cut political damage’.” By Daniel Boffey and Warwick Mansell. Observer. April 6, 2014.

How to encourage graduates to join the charity sector – live debate; Join us on Thursday 10 April from 12pm to 1.30pm to debate how to encourage graduates to join the voluntary sector.” By Aimee Meade. Guardian. April 6, 2014.


Aging Church Passes Digital Collection Plate.” By Jim Yardley. New York Times. April 2, 2014.

WEEKLY NEWS DIGEST (March 24-30, 2014)

Monday, March 31st, 2014



Sydney’s Catholic Archdiocese has assets over $1 billion, royal commission told.” By Catherine Armitage. Sydney Morning Herald. March 25, 2014.

Salvation Army officer promoted despite history of child sex abuse, royal commission hears.” By Louise Hall. Sydney Morning Herald. March 27, 2014.


George Pell: Vatican said enemies of the church made abuse allegations.” By Catherine Armitage. Sydney Morning Herald. March 24, 2014.
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Cardinal George Pell likely to face tough questioning at royal commission.” Sydney Morning Herald. March 24, 2014.
25 years into fight against clergy sex abuse, SNAP soldiers on.” By Dan Adams. Boston Globe. March 24, 2014.
Royal Commission: George Pell admits failure, wants major change.” Sydney Morning Herald. March 25, 2014.
Cardinal George Pell Says Sex Abuse Was Downplayed By Vatican In 1990s.” Huffington Post. March 25, 2014.
Cardinal George Pell faces angry protesters at abuse commission.” Sydney Morning Herald. March 25, 2014.
Cardinal George Pell: Man at the forefront of collision between church and state.” Sydney Morning Herald. March 25, 2014.
Pell wants state to decide damages.” Sydney Morning Herald. March 25, 2014.

“George Pell: Vatican said enemies of the church made abuse allegations.” Sydney Morning Herald. March 25, 2014.
George Pell was set on limiting compensation, royal commission hears.” Sydney Morning Herald. March 26, 2014.
George Pell admits deliberately discouraging victims from suing.” Sydney Morning Herald. March 26, 2014.
George Pell apologises to John Ellis but is unable to look him in the eye.Sydney Morning Herald. March 27, 2014.
Church fought abuse claimants tooth and nail.” Sydney Morning Herald. March 29, 2014.


How the ‘Bishop of Bling’ spent $43 million renovating this house.” By Terrence McCoy. Washington Post. March 28, 2014.
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“‘Bishop of bling’ resigns after spending £26m in Church funds to renovate his home; Franz-Peter Tebartz-van Elst stepped down on the same day that a report was published detailing his extravagances
.” Independent (UK). March 28, 2014.


NGOs get Rs 11,500 crore in foreign funds, but only 2% file returns.” Times of India. March 24, 2014.


In Italy, gay Catholics feel the ‘Francis Effect’.” By Anthony Faiola. Washington Post. March 28, 3014.


How-to guide: social enterprises and managing motivation; David deSouza, founder of Matching Donations, explains how to manage and maintain motivation as a social entrepreneur.” By David deSouza. Guardian. March 24, 2014.

Why British charities need to take a more international perspective; The boss of the Small Charities Coalition explains why the sector needs to widen its horizons by establishing global links.” By Alex Swallow. Guardian. March 24, 2014.

Volunteer at a community kitchen; Lending a hand at an open kitchen is a great way to help your community, learn about sustainable food – and meet new people.” By Amy Fleming. Guardian. March 24, 2014.

Teachers ‘abused boys at Osborne’s old school’.” Times of London. March 25, 2014.

Donations to cyclist Christian Smith who died while raising money for Mind pass £50,000 in a day.” By Kunal Dutta. Independent. March 25, 2014.

Co-operative Group chiefs urged to hand back ‘unearned executive bonuses’; Head of pro-mutual thinktank calls for retention deals to be repaid to repair ties between management and 7m members.” By Jill Treanor. Guardian. March 25, 2014.

No-makeup selfies raise £8m for Cancer Research UK in six days; Charity says #nomakeupselfie trend will let it carry out 10 more clinical trials despite mixup that sent some donations to Unicef.” Guardian/Press Association.March 25, 2014.

Academy and free school trust criticised over poor performance; Ofsted inspectors place five schools run by E-Act into special measures, saying 11 out of 16 fail to provide a good education.” By Richard Adams. Guardian. March 25, 2014.

Charities can ease the burden on healthcare; Organisations close to their communities can often respond to needs in a more targeted way, find solutions and co-ordinate services.” By Lisa Weaks. Guardian. March 25, 2014.

CSR or social enterprise: which has more social impact? We round up the best advice from our live discussion on CSR vs sociaenterprise for delivering social impact.” By Sally Brammall. Guardian. March 25, 2014.

#nomakeupselfie – why it worked; While Cancer Research UK has enjoyed a £2m windfall from the social media campaign, it wasn’t the charity’s idea – but that, and the fact it worked on mobile, helped it to succeed so brilliantly.” By Luke Lewis. Guardian. March 25, 2014.

Damning Ofsted reports into academy chain schools heap pressure on Michael Gove; Inspectors observed poor quality teaching, weak monitoring of performance data and a lack of urgency in closing the gap between disadvantaged pupils and others.” By Richard Garner. Independent. March 26, 2014.

How young people, technology and co-op values are creating a better future; Co-ops are transforming people’s lives across the world and offer massive potential for students here in the UK.” By Rhiannon Colvin. Guardian. March 26, 2014.

How to prepare volunteers and charity workers for international aid work; By providing support, cultural knowledge and online advice, charities can prepare their volunteers for overseas efforts.” By Eleanor Paton. Guardian. March 26, 2014.

What is the role of social enterprise in society? – live debate. Join us on Thursday 3 April from noon to 1.30pm to discuss the purpose of social business.” By Charlotte Seager. Guardian. March 27, 2014.

What vintage shops can teach charities – in pictures.” By Aimee Meade. Guardian. March 27, 2014.

Boys got detention for telling of teacher abuse.” By Andrew Norfolk. Times of London. March 28 2014.

Charities need to recognise their worth and start thinking like businesses; Ethan Ohs argues that the sector needs to stop looking at themselves like charities and start to operate with commercial principles.” By Ethan Ohs. Guardian. March 28, 2014.

Shifting sands: the changing landscape for international NGOs; Funding is reducing and offices are travelling south. Is the future of international NGOs a completely restructured network?” By Tim Smedley. Guardian. March 28, 2014.

Secular values, not religion, make us a tolerant society; Religion is frequently a source of confusion rather than light.” By Oliver Kamm. Times of London. March 29, 2014.

Retired baby boomers ‘can be the charity workers of the future’; Lynne Berry of commission on ageing says generation of workers should be targeted as they approach retirement.” By Daniel Boffey. Observer. March 30, 2014.

WEEKLY NEWS DIGEST (March 17-23, 2014)

Monday, March 24th, 2014



Charities beg to save their regulator from the chop.” By Gareth Hutchens and Judith Ireland.” Sydney Morning Herald. March 18, 2014.

Australian child poverty up, generosity takes a beating.” By Dan Harrison. Sydney Morning Herald. March 19, 2014.


FGM, Clitoraid and The Pleasure Hospital: US sect the Raëlians’ quest to ‘restore’ women scarred by female genital mutilation in Burkina Faso; A clinic built with money from Western supporters of the Raëlians lies empty as Burkina Faso’s victims of female genital mutilation queue desperately for reconstructive surgery.” By Sue Lloyd-Roberts. Independent. March 17, 2014.


Canadian Govt Targets Environment NGOs.” By Paul Weinberg. Interpress Service ( March 18, 2014.


Royal Commission: Monsignor admits swearing ‘deceptive’ affidavit.” By Catherine Armitage. Sydney Morning Herald. March 17, 2014.
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“Royal Commission: George Pell was calling all the shots.
Sydney Morning Herald. March 18, 2014.
Royal commission: Email had tried to pin blame on John Ellis.” Sydney Morning Herald. March 21, 2014.
Royal commission: Pell instructed lawyers to fight Ellis claim ‘tooth and nail’.” Sydney Morning Herald. March 22, 2014.
Pope Names Members of Anti-Abuse Group.“. New York Times. March 23, 2014.
Pope Names Former Victim To Sex Abuse Panel.” Morning Edition/National Public Radio. March 23, 2014.


Religion and Conservation Do Mix; Bradnee Chambers, Executive Secretary of the United Nations Environment Programme’s Convention on Migratory Species of Wild Animals, believes wildlife conservation is a goal that religions must take on.” By Bradnee Chambers. Interpress Service ( March 17, 2014.


NGO Helps Illuminate Opaque World Of Global Finance.” Morning Edition/National Public Radio. March 19, 2014.


Wealth Over Work.” Op-ed. By Paul Krugman. New York Times. March 23, 2014.


Reform or be disbanded, Co-op board is warned.” By Andrew Clark. Times of London. March 17, 2014.

Wave of Sexual Abuse Allegations for Private Boys’ Schools in Britain.” By Stephen Castle. New York Times. March 17, 2014.

Britain’s five richest families worth as much as poorest 20 per cent, says Oxfam.” By Kunal Dutta. Independent. March 17, 2014

Inequality ‘costs Britain £39bn a year’; Thinktank puts a figure on the annual cost of the gap between rich and poor and calls for politicians to act.” By Tracy McVeigh. Observer. March 17, 2014.

I long for the day when every business is a social enterprise; We urgently need robust firms that prove you can make a positive contribution to society, says .” By Margaret Heffernan. Guardian. March 17, 2014.

“Charities need to make use of their experts – their service users; Sense’s deputy chief executive explains why beneficiaries must be involved in every step of development and innovation.” By Richard Kramer. Guardian. March 17, 2014.

Can co-ops compete … in capital? In the final instalment of our can co-ops compete series, Andrew Bibby discusses the difficult relationship between co-operative businesses and investors including those involved in the recent Co-operative Group upheaval.” By Andrew Bibby. Guardian. March 18, 2014.

Food banks are filling gaps left by jobcentres and the DWP; While the government insists the voluntary sector forms no part of the welfare system, the chief executive of Trussell Trust argues food banks fill the gaps caused by welfare reforms.” By Chris Mould. Guardian. March 18, 2014.

Why social enterprises should be celebrating on budget day; Matt Mead explains that although much needs to be done, the government’s steps to help social entrepreneurs need to be celebrated.” By Matt Mead. Guardian. March 19, 2014.

How-to guide: involving your charity’s service users; By involving service users in your work, you can feel more secure that you are responding accurately to their needs.” By Freddie Yauner and Cassandra White. Guardian. March 19, 2014.

The NHS is being put up for sale to private healthcare companies; The health service as we know it is being transformed before the eyes of patients and staff.” By Rachael Maskell. Guardian. March 20, 2014.

“What charities can learn from Lady Gaga’s Born this Way Foundation; Amid accusations that Lady Gaga’s charity spent more than a million dollars on legal fees, consulting and publicity, Joe Saxton explains how to avoid falling into the same PR trap.” By Joe Saxton. Guardian. March 20, 2014.

“‘Chuggers’ are bonafide employees, not the charity sector’s dirty little secret; Public perception has changed and the sector itself now needs to accept street fundraisers as fully-fledged professionals.” By Rory White. Guardian. March 21, 2014.

Etonians stand up for their old school.” By Greg Hurst. Times of London. March 22 2014.

Charity shops: what’s in store? In our recent Q&A, our expert panel discussed the future of charity retail including the role of online shopping and how to maximise what you have.” By Charlotte Seager. Guardian. March 22, 2014.

WEEKLY NEWS DIGEST (March 10-16, 2014)

Monday, March 17th, 2014



Royal commission: Cardinal George Pell says child abuse victims should be able to sue Catholic Church.” By Catherine Armitage. Sydney Morning Herald. March 10, 2014.
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Sexual abuse victim John Ellis resumes battle with Cardinal George Pell.” Sydney Morning Herald. March 10, 2014.
Royal commission: George Pell out of the loop on decision to sue, says John Ellis.” Sydney Morning Herald. March 11, 2014.

Go public to improve equity in all schools, parents urged.” By Amy McNeilage. Sydney Morning Herald. March 11, 2014.

“George Brandis urges penalty for arts organisations rejecting corporate sponsorship.” By Lisa Cox, Andrew Taylor, and Lucy Carroll. Sydney Morning Herald. March 15, 2014.


Minnesota: Archbishop Will Not Face Charges.” New York Times/Reuters. March 12, 2014.

Royal Commission: George Pell participated in ‘absence’ of justice’ for John Ellis.” By Catherine Armitage. Sydney Morning Herald. March 12, 2014.

Catholic Church won’t budge on litigation defence, laywer says.” By Jane Lee. Sydney Morning Herald. March 12, 2014.


Bollywood museum set to become main attraction.” By Robin Pagnamenta Mumbai. Times of India. March 11, 2014.


Economy: A Relentless Widening of Disparity in Wealth.” By Eduardo Porter. New York Times. March 12, 2014.

The Rich Complain That we do not Love Them.” By Roberto Savio. Interpress Service ( March 12, 2014.

Our crony-capitalism index: Planet Plutocrat: The countries where politically connected businessmen are most likely to prosper.” Economist. March 15, 2014.


Ban on Doctors’ Group Imperils Myanmar Sect.” By Jane Perlez. New York Times. arch 14, 2014.


Live Q&A: what does the future hold for charity shops? When Victoria and David Beckham donated goods to the British Red Cross they sparked a debate around the purpose of charity shops. Join us on 14 March to discuss charity retail’s future.” By Aimee Meade. Guardian. March 10, 2014.

Charity shops are meeting needs, not being greedy or outpricing the poor; The Charity Retail Association deputy CEO discusses issues from maximising income to helping low-income earners; Live Q&A: what does the future hold for charity shops?” By Wendy Mitchell. Guardian. March 10, 2014.

Chief offers resignation from ‘ungovernable’ Co-op.” By Andrew Clark and Susan Thompson. Times of London. March 11, 2014.
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Co-operative Group chief executive Euan Sutherland tenders resignation; Sutherland said not to have turned up to work on Monday after letter saying mutually owned group is too difficult to govern.” Guardian. March 11, 2014.
Euan Sutherland resignation: Co-op chief executive offers to quit ‘ungovernable’ mutual group.” Independent. March 11, 2014.
‘Co-operatives are an inherently more sustainable form of business’; In the fifth in our series Andrew Bibby considers whether the co-operative business model is a more sustainable one.” Guardian. March 11, 2014.
Mutually Assured Disaster: Lord Myners has exposed the dreadful management of the Co-operative Group.” Times of London. March 15, 2014.
Co-op will go broke without radical reform, Lord Myners says.” By Andrew Clark. Times of London. March 15, 2014.
Extent of Co-op shambles laid bare by Lord Myners; Co-op’s independent director says the group has been undermined by ‘reckless’ dealmaking and ‘shocking’ debt; Lord Myners interview: ‘I don’t pull punches’.” Guardian. March 15, 2014.
Best bits: can co-operatives compete with big business? We round up the best expert advice from our live discussion on co-operatives v big business.” Guardian. March 15, 2014.

Charities can’t just expect the public’s trust; they must earn it; People have become more positive about charities over the past three years, but there’s no room for complacency.” By Ruth Sutherland. Guardian. March 11, 2014.

Stop university fat cats lining their pockets.” By Alice Thomson. Times of London.
March 12, 2014.

DWP advising jobcentres on sending claimants to food banks – documents; Government insists charities form no part of welfare system and this is merely a ‘signpost’, but ‘high level process’ in place.” By Rowena Mason and Patrick Butler. Guardian. March 12, 2014.

“‘Everything Channel 4 does is driven by a social and cultural purpose’.” As Channel 4′s broadcast licence is renewed, its chief executive, David Abraham, explains why he thinks the television station is a social enterprise.” Guardian. March 12, 2014.

How-to guide: retail and small charities; Finance is not the only thing to consider when setting up shop. British Heart Foundation’s Mike Taylor outlines how a small charity can enter the retail market.” By Mike Taylor. Guardian. March 12, 2014.

“‘Modern charity is a diverse space but our leadership remains unequal’; As the gender pay gap rises in the charity sector, Asheem Singh argues it is time we led the way on equality and social justice.” By Asheem Singh. Guardian. March 13, 2014.

Why my charity CoppaFeel! partnered with the Sun newspaper’s Page 3; Despite the tabloid’s reputation, the founder of CoppaFeel! explains why it was the best partner for the campaign.” By Kristin Hallenga. Guardian. March 14, 2014.

Michael Gove attacks David Cameron’s ‘ridiculous’ inner circle of Etonians;
Education Secretary went to a fee-paying school in Scotland
.” By Daniel Macadam. Independent. March 15, 2014.
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Gove takes aim at ‘ridiculous’ Old Etonian circle at No 10’.” Times of London. March 15 2014.


Pope Francis Shakes Up the Vatican; Behind the headlines, he’s begun cleaning up the Roman Curia’s sprawling bureaucracy.” By Raymond Arroyo. Wall Street Journal. March 14, 2014.
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The Pope’s big test: cleansing the Vatican.” By Peter Franklin. Times of London. March 15, 2014.