WEEKLY NEWS DIGEST (July 5-11, 2010)


Annual Job Review Is ‘Total Baloney,’ Expert Says.” No by-line. Morning Edition/National Public Radio. July 8, 2010. UCLA Business Professor Samuel Culbert wrote a book called “Get Rid of the Performance Review!” He joined us in our studios in Los Angeles to talk about that book and his theories. Q: “this book originated in an article in the Wall Street Journal a couple of years ago, and it generated enormous response, both agreeing with you and also disagreeing with your point. So start off by telling us why you think performance reviews ought to just disappear.” A: “Well, there’s just two small reasons: first, they’re dishonest and fraudulent, and second, they’re just plain bad management. The managers, in the service of saying they’re evaluating performance, create the circumstances for people to be their worst. They’re not going to get – once you start with performance reviews, you’re not going to hear what people really think. You’re not going to hear them talk about what’s wrong and going wrong. They’re not going to talk about results they have doubts about. They’re going to talk about all their successes. It becomes total baloney.”

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