WEEKLY NEWS DIGEST (February 14-20, 2011)


Portland woman who gave away $100 a day keeps giving, inspiring others.” By Nikole Hannah-Jones. Oregonian. February 14, 2011. Portland woman wonders if giving away $100 a day can change lives, and changes her own As she prepared to hand out her final C-note in last October’s project, Ginsberg’s heart felt heavy. “I was depressed that day,” she said. “I had been working myself up into this low place and was just thinking, ‘What am I going to do? I don’t want to stop.’” So she didn’t. Giving without strings just felt too good. Ginsberg decided to pass out 100 additional $100 bills to lucky strangers over the coming year. And as she did during her “Month of Hundreds,”she’s writing on her blog, hundredsofhundreds.com, about the people she meets and the moments they share. And giving, it turns out, can be catching. Hundreds of people have followed Ginsberg’s effort to give away some of the money left to by her mother — a Holocaust survivor whose experience made it difficult for her to share — as a journey of personal healing. But Sherwood middle school teacher Mollie Dickson, inspired by Ginsberg’s kindness, launched a giving project of her own.

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