WEEKLY NEWS DIGEST (November 7-13, 2011)


Governor Targets Sandusky Charity.” By John W. Miller, Rachel Bachman, and Kris Mahar. Wall Street Journal. November 11, 2011. Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Corbett called Thursday for an investigation into the charity that afforded access to young boys for the former assistant football coach at Pennsylvania State University who now faces 21 felony counts for alleged child sexual abuse. That charity, known as the Second Mile, was founded in State College, Pa., by Jerry Sandusky, the retired defensive coordinator whose indictment on the abuse charges led to a campus scandal that in turn triggered the firing Wednesday of iconic football coach Joe Paterno and the removal of university President Graham Spanier. “The relationships between an outside charity and the university have to be looked at.…” Mr. Corbett said. “I need to know what [the charity's] board members knew.” The scandal took another turn late Thursday when the university announced that “due to multiple threats made against Assistant Coach Mike McQueary, the University has decided it would be in the best interest of all” for Mr. McQueary to not be “in attendance” at Penn State’s game Saturday against Nebraska. Mr. McQueary provided grand-jury testimony concerning Mr. Sandusky. Mr. McQueary declined to comment. Earlier Thursday, Tom Bradley, Mr. Paterno’s interim successor, was asked at a news conference to explain why to that point Mr. McQueary, the football team’s receivers coach, remained on his staff. “That is a decision that is up to the administration and the acting athletic director,” Mr. Bradley told reporters. In 2002, Mr. McQueary witnessed an alleged sexual assault by Mr. Sandusky of a young boy in the showers of a Penn State football facility, according to a grand jury report released last weekend. Mr. McQueary told Mr. Paterno about what he saw, and eventually testified to the grand jury.
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Harvard Club servers sue over tips; Say they get no share of 17% surcharge.” By Katie Johnston. Boston Globe. November 11, 2011. The exclusive Harvard Club of Boston is being sued by its wait staff, who say they have been cheated out of potentially hundreds of thousands of dollars in tips. According to a class-action lawsuit filed yesterday in Suffolk Superior Court, members of the private alumni club pay a 17 percent on food and beverage bills that the club states is collected “in lieu of a gratuity.’’ But workers say they don’t get a cent.

FPPC fines cemetery trustee $13,000.” By Tracy Seipel. San Jose Mercury-News. November 11, 2011. When former Santa Clara County Counsel Ann Ravel was named the new chief of California’s Fair Political Practices Commission earlier this year, she vowed to invigorate the agency and crack down harder on ethical violations. One of the first victims of the Ravel era: a trustee of an obscure cemetery district in Saratoga. Gregory Fox, 72, who has been a cemetery trustee since 2003, this week was fined $13,000 by the FPPC for not properly disclosing that he owns two undeveloped properties within 500 feet of the Madronia Cemetery — while participating in decisions related to the cemetery. The state’s Political Reform Act prohibits public officials from making or attempting to use their official position to influence any governmental decision in which they have a financial interest. Contacted Friday afternoon, Fox, a Saratoga dentist, said he was aware of the 500-foot rule, but thought his property was outside of that boundary. Moreover, both he and cemetery officials describe his property near Madronia Cemetery as unsuitable for cemetery use. He said the land is located next to a creek and a vertical drop. “It’s laughable,” Fox said. “If you can’t stand up on it, you really can’t bury anyone on it.” But Fox said he paid the fine and won’t appeal the ruling.

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