WEEKLY NEWS DIGEST (October 7-13, 2013)



The fleet of bikers changing health care in Africa; A former motorcycle racer – and now Woman of the Year – is revolutionising medical provision across the continent.” By Sarah Morrison. Independent (UK). October 13, 2013.


Oxfam refuses Summit donations over child labour.” By Sarah Whyte and Ben Doherty. Sydney Morning Herald. October 8, 2013.


For the Benefit of All; Charities are not addressing the big welfare spending questions facing Britain.” Editorial. Times of London. October 8 2013.

UK aid match: the NGO perspective; A small Manchester-based charity secured unrestricted match funding under the pilot scheme aid match. As it is rolled out, Retrak shares the lessons it has.” By John Wallace. Guardian. October 8, 2013.

UK aid match: the donor perspective; The DfID is offering £120m over three years in the next stage of its match funding scheme. Cathy Welch offers some tips for NGOs hoping to secure a grant.” By Cathy Welch. Guardian. October 8, 2013.

Fundraising programmes – direct mail to digital; Charities must understand and react to supporter behaviour, and integrate their fundraising staff across different teams.” By Gareth Jones. Guardian. October 8, 2013.

We need tuition fees of up to £16,000, says Oxford vice-chancellor Professor Andrew Hamilton; Elite universities should be allowed to charge far more, Oxford chief argues.” By Richard Garner. Independent. October 9, 2013.

“How to make your charity a lottery winner; As a form of incentivised giving, lotteries stand out from other fundraising methods, and can be quick and easy to set up.” By Lorraine Bilton. Guardian. October 9, 2013.

Retired, enthusiastic and available: volunteering at 75; The number of elderly volunteers is rising, but are NGOs and charities investing enough time and resources to make the most of their experience and skills?” By Becky Slack. Guardian. October 10, 2013.

Charities can campaign as they always have, says Andrew Lansley; The changes the government is proposing to its lobbying bill should allay charities’ concerns.” By Andrew Lansley. Guardian. October 10, 2013.

Top tips for making the most of charity auctions; In the runup to end-of-year events it is important for charities to do all they can to maximise their fundraising potential.” By Paul Beck. Guardian. October 11, 2013.

Letters: is development dominated by posh white blokes? Readers respond to Ben Phillips’s article where he argued for a more equal representation of staff from developing countries.” Guardian. October 11, 2013.


Pope signals start of new war on Vatican corruption; Special audience with whistleblower seen as signalling bold crackdown on cronyism and graft in the Holy See.” By Michael Day. Independent. October 12, 2013.

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